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EleXX P4000, here is the new Xiaomi Mi4 "wannabe"

Elephone has absolutely no intention of wasting time! After unveiling three new low-cost devices at the beginning of last week, the newly formed Chinese company is preparing its 4 product, apparently inspired by the current flagship of the Xiaomi brand. Welcome toElephone P4000.

According to sources close to us, the company is currently working to build an efficient production chain. The intention would be to start production as soon as possible.

The design clearly seems to follow that of the top of the Xiaomi Mi4 range, including dimensions and aluminum frame, although we do not feel like putting our hand on fire on the second option yet. Generally Elephone devices are equipped with good hardware but often sin in terms of construction quality and choice of materials; with this new P4000, Elephone may have given a definitive answer as to who questioned its capabilities.

We personally requested more information from the company regarding technical specifications, launch date, availability and of course price. As soon as they are available we will update you.


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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