[Guide] Installation MIUI V5 HTC HD2 (Porting)

Today I decided to make a guide to install the rom MIUI v5, on a terminal not officially supported by the Xiaomi team.
It is a terminal that has received the first existing MIUI versions, and continues to receive them unofficially even now maintaining a remarkable fluidity, taking into account that it is an 2009 phone born with windows mobile 6.5.


- HD2 Toolkit (project link)

- Full ROM ITA (Thanks to Nexus-lab)

- Android driver (if you don't recognize the terminal)

Box Download

[button-green url = "http://uploaded.net/file/9pburtfi" target = "_ blank" position = "left"] HD2 Toolkit[/ Button-green]

[button-green url = "http://uploaded.net/file/ypksx8zb" target = "_ blank" position = "left"] Android driver[/ Button-green]

[button-green url = "http://miui.nexus-lab.com/site/download-portings/" target = "_ blank" position = "left"] FULL ROM ITA[/ Button-green]

Before starting

If you already have MAGLDR or CLK installed go immediately to "MIUI installation'and partition the sd from recovery (if you can do it before starting the whole installation (recommended 1024 mb and 0 swap) the partition will be in ext3, it also works with ext4 if you have linux you can convert it.


1. Extract HD2 Toolkit and embed it

2. from the program menu execute a task29 putting the terminal in boot-mode (keeping the power and volume down key pressed down until colored bars appear).

3. Install CLK or MAGLDR from the program menu.

4. Install the recovery.

3. Replicate NAND to 180 / 200Mb.

4. Verify that the recovery starts properly.

MIUI Installation

1) Copy the FULL ITA .zip ROM to the SD card

2) Run a Nandroid backup (and / or any important data backups)

3) Restart the phone while holding down the power key to enter MAGDLR

4) Choose the "AD Recovery" option to enter CWM

If you are from another ROM, choose "wipe data / factory reset" then go to "advanced" -> "Wipe Dalvik Cache" and "Wipe Battery Stats"

6) If, instead, you simply proceed to an upgrade, "advanced" -> "Wipe Dalvik Cache" (all data will be saved)

7) Go back and select "install zip from sdcard" -> "choose zip from sdcard"

8) Install the MIUI ROM


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