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Huawei Honor 6: The Review of Smartylife

In the review I propose today we will talk about 'Honor 6, smartphone in which Huawei has been able to combine top quality features at an affordable price. It is no coincidence that the device in question has recorded huge sales figures, and although it has been almost a year since its release, it is still a very good and highly sought after terminal.

Before commencing with the review I remember that obviously the 'Honor 6 is available on the store of to this link, with 2 year Manufacturers Guarantee and DHL shipping from China included in the price.

Here is our review.

Design, materials and ergonomics

As usual, I start from design: the head version is that Dual-SIM with 16 GB of internal memory. Unfortunately we can not say that the design of this Honor 6 cliches for originality, but the thickness of alone 7.5 millimeters , chromed perimeter frame which covers it still give it a very pleasing appearance. At the front we find the display from 5 inches, the front camera from 5 megapixel, headset capsule and the two brightness and proximity sensors.


The left side is completely empty while the right one is the volume balance, power button and the flap covering the housings of the two SIMs. and memory card format microSD.

DSC01453 DSC01442

On the top,jack input for earphones, the microphone for noise reduction and a infrared port, while on the lower one the main microphone and the entrance micro-USB for charging.

DSC01445 DSC01454

Finally on the back we find the camera from 13 megapixel with double flash Led, the brand "honor"And the 'system loudspeaker.


The general assembly is great, as are the materials. Apparently the side frame and the back cover may look like metal and glass respectively, but in fact they are both plastic materials, as said before the excellent bill. A single neo to point out is perhaps the ease with which the back cover, being shiny, is filled with fingerprints.


The handle with a hand is comfortable, complicating the optimized dimensions of the device and the good positioning of the control keys.

Hardware, performance and autonomy

I would remind you briefly of the technical file of 'Honor 6:

  • Display IPS full-HD with diagonal of 5 inches and Pixel Density 445 ppi.
  • Processor owner Kirin HiSilicon 920 with four cores Cortex-A15 a 7 GHz and four cores Cortex-A7 a 1.3 GHz.
  • Graphic card Mali-T628 MP4.
  • 3 GB of RAM and 16 / 32 GB Expandable internal memory via microSD.
  • Rear camera of 13 megapixel with focal opening f / 2.0 e dual flash LEDs.
  • Front camera of 5 megapixel.
  • Connectivity Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 e GPS.
  • Dual-SIM full active and connectivity LTE to 300 Mbps.
  • Battery from 3000 mAh.
  • Operating System Android 4.4.2 with customization EMUI 3.0.

The hardware installed on this terminal has been a real revolution to the previous devices. Giant steps have been made above all on the processor front, the aforementioned Kirin 920, thanks to which Huawei he was able to compete against the most prestigious competition chips. The processor in question has proven to be highly reliable by returning, also thanks to the presence of 3 GB of RAM, comparable to those of other 2014 top gamers. As usual, a benchmark benchmark test was performed Antutu getting a score of 42408.


Given that the processor overheating problem has been heard lately, we have been thinking of performing a stability test to verify the temperature reached by the processor. During the test phase we could see how the temperatures were averaged over an average of 39°C, demonstrating how Huawei he has been able to work extensively on the heat dissipation front.


We conclude this paragraph with a positive opinion on the display and battery of this terminal. As mentioned above, the display is a drive from 5 inches with resolution full-HD and Pixel Density 445 ppi. The panel in question has a very wide viewing angle and, apart from the brightness sensor that performs exquisite work, the view under the sunlight is also very good. The colors are faithfully reproduced, and even if you have whites that tend slightly to the black and black ones that are not very deep, the user experience offered by this display is still very good. Touch sensitivity is great, nothing to add. The battery from 3100 mAh finally, it is able to guarantee good autonomy. Here is a set of screenshots to show you what you just said.


It should be pointed out however that these results were obtained using the device with one SIM inserted and in "balanced", If you used a second card or"high performance"Certainly the autonomy will be less.

Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

Unfortunately, or rather, fortunately, there is not much to say about connectivity. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth they did not cause any kind of problem, proving to the height of GPS which can hook satellites almost instantly. Absolutely promoted connectivity department.

Phone Parts

The device we tested is designed for the Chinese market, so it has support Dual-SIM which, unlike what we are used to seeing over the vast majority of dual-SIM terminals, is not dual-stanby but full-active. This means that you can receive calls on the second SIM even when you are engaged in another conversation with the main card. With it you can LTE navigation up to 300 Mbps, unfortunately on the second SIM only the 2G connectivity. Signal reception is good, no problem with the 4G of TIM.



This is the only aspect of the device that should be improved. The rear camera convinced me poco not so much for the quality of the shots, which is still good, but for the software of the camera itself poco easy to use when you plan to capture photos with manual settings. It would be more convenient to have the various controls of white balance,ISO and exposure at your fingertips rather than entering each time in the settings and adjusting them in the various submenus. Nothing serious though, it's just a matter of getting us some habit.

As always, I suggest you some shots. The following are made in optimum light conditions and with automatic settings.


Instead, these are macros.


Finally, night shots, first with automatic settings and then with mode HDR, to note the improvement of the colors.

Hisilicon K3


Audio and video

The quality of audio, both in capsule that that of 'speaker, is the average of the various top ranges. A reproach that should be made to Huawei is perhaps to have completely plugged in the system speaker in the back cover: when the phone is laid down on a flat surface or on a bed, for example, the audio volume is slightly attenuated.

Finally, two words on video footage to remind you that these can be made with a maximum resolution of 1080p, also in mode HDR. Focusing is not automatic (you need to tap on the point you want to focus on) but it's pretty straightforward.


The last paragraph of this review is dedicated to the software department. The operating system is installed on the device Android 4.4.2 with customization EMUI 3.0, very pleasing personalization from a graphic point of view. There are some known system applications such as the app "Phone management"Which allows us to optimize our smartphone by performing virus scans o eliminating the files "trash".

Screenshot_2015-05-31-18-56-27 Screenshot_2015-05-31-19-37-53 Screenshot_2015-05-31-18-56-10

The only note that is stoned is the system browser which does not behave very well during heavy site navigation, with problems loading pages and lags during scrolling.


In the light of what I have written, the conclusions are quite obvious. The Honor 6 is a device that can certainly be improved in some aspects - camera software in the first place - but I highly recommend it if you are looking for a dual-SIM terminal with good value for money.

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