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Hubsan H501S X4 Brushless Drone at €113 priority shipping included!

Today we offer you this fantastic Husban drone, a concentrate of cutting-edge technology able to offer an unparalleled flight experience. Today at an exceptional price:

Drone Hubsan H501S X4 High configuration version

113€ 299€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

Equipped with a Full HD camera and a 6-axis angular velocity sensor, this gem has been designed to perform at its best, combining powerful motors and features that guarantee total safety during use. In fact, there is a system capable of autonomously managing the battery, which brings the drone back to the starting point when necessary. The 3,7-inch LCD display on the controller allows us to instantly share our experience.

Cristiano Cento
Cristiano Cento

Computer Consultant, DJ, Blogger. Passionate about Music (of course), movies, TV series, sports and lover of all that is technological. [email protected]


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Andrea Durante
Andrea Durante
6 years ago

Hi, the code doesn't work, the site says it's not valid, can you check? I am already registered with Gearbest and I use it often ...

Thank you,


6 years ago
Reply to  Andrea Durante

I confirm, that of February 8 has now expired.