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HyperTone transforms photography. Oppo and Hasselblad raise standards in 2024, but another company will also use the technology

Collaboration between Oppo e Hasselblad, which began in February 2022, led to the creation of revolutionary camera technology: HyperTone. This partnership, focused on the joint development of advanced camera technologies, promises to usher in a new era in computational photography​. Here are all the details and improvements we will see on the series Oppo find x7 and future top of the range.

HyperTone: a system of three fundamental components

HyperTone technology was announced at Paris Photos 2023, a fair dedicated to photography, and is scheduled for debut in 2024 ​. This system is based on three main components:

  1. HyperTone All Main Camera System: This system guarantees high quality images in all light conditions, offering uniform performance across different lenses, such as main, ultrawide and telephoto.
  2. HyperTone Image Engine: is an image processor that uses advanced algorithms to correct errors in digital images. This image engine promises to improve image clarity by 30%, while reducing noise by 60% through the use of AI RAW fusion and advanced tone mapping​​​.
  3. HyperTone ProXDR Display: This display offers up to eight times greater dynamic range, significantly improving the visual reality of images. Furthermore, OPPO is working to make this technology compatible with Android's Ultra HDR standard​​.
oppo and hasselblad partnership for hypertone photographic technology

Another aspect worth noting is the improvement of the Hasselblad Portrait mode, which creates 3D portraits with subtle tonal shifts, optimizing 45 times more skin tone colors for more accurate results. Furthermore, thanks to the HyperTone Engine, this portrait mode avoids overexposure of the face and attenuates lights and shadows, offering a cinematic bokeh effect ​​.

What devices will use it

The new generation of HyperTone will debut with the Find X7 series from Oppo and will gradually extend to other flagship devices of the brand, including the foldable range Oppo Find Women. Furthermore, OnePlus, now a sub-brand of Oppo, will implement this technology in its phones, with the OnePlus 12 expected to feature the same camera system as the Oppo Find X7​​​.

With HyperTone, Oppo and Hasselblad promise to overcome the current limitations of mobile photography, offering an unprecedented photography experience that combines classic aesthetics with advanced mobile technology​. This innovation marks an important step forward in the industry, bringing mobile image quality to a new level of excellence.

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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