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The smart bracelet "Mi Band" will only cost 24 euro!

Wearable devices and the Android Wear OS are two of the major topics of current discussion in the technological world, with increasingly insistent voices that see Xiaomi ready to "get on the bandwagon" of this new trend.

All the Chinese Android smartphone manufacturers, in fact, seem to want to broaden their range of action with the launch of a device belonging to the wearable technology category. Xiaomi, as you can easily imagine, does not want to stay behind even in this sector and in fact, according to recent rumor, the company would be about to launch an intelligent bracelet.

A few weeks ago we have already shown you the CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, wearing such a device, unfortunately still not better identified. However, more like an Android Wear device, Xiaomi might be something more similar to Oppo Oband, a device simply designed to perform notification functions, tracking sports activities, and so on.

As always happens when Xiaomi launches a new device, what, among other things, amazes the most is the price of the same. Also in this case, what will presumably be called "Mi Band" could be sold only 199 yuan, or only 24 euro!

What do you think about these devices? Will they succeed?



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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