[Guide] MIUI Installation on ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini

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ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini Porting MIUIHow did we get to know more ZTE Nubia Z7 Mini it's a really great phone in almost every respect. In my opinion, it only flaws on the battery and software. In fact, the NubiaOS, despite being above my expectations, is not comparable to the MIUI and so here I am, after a bit of wandering in the network, to try an unofficial porting of the MIUI 5.

The ROM found in a Chinese forum (see credits at the end) works very well and is almost as reactive as on my Mi4. It is based on MIUI 5 dev 4.8.29 (Android 4.4.2). The only "big" problem encountered is with the Dual-Sim not working or working badly. Some apps are the stock ones of the NubiaOS (phone / contacts / SMS, Camera, Radio). The ROM is in English but there are also a lot of bloatware in Chinese that you can delete with Titanim Backup.

[alert-warning] All the recommendations of the case: The operations we are going to perform are more or less risky, especially if you are not practical about these things. If you are not an expert I would strongly advise you not to venture into modding operations, and in any case, back up everything before you start. Once the recovery is installed, also do a "Nandroid backup".

Obviously I do not feel responsible for any problems or discomforts arising from the [/ alert-warning]


  1. Download and copy the ROM
  2. Obtain Root Permissions
  3. Installing the Custom Recovery CWM
  4. ROM flash of MIUI 5
  5. PlayStore installation and Google services

1. Download and copy the ROM

Download the ROM and copy it to your Z7 Mini

[Alert-success] Download MIUI 5 - Unofficial Porting V.10.21 [/ Alert-success]

2. Obtain Root Permissions

My Z7 Mini has already come up with a custom version that included partial translation into Italian and root permissions. If you do not have Root permissions you can use this specific version of TowelRoot

[Alert-success] Download TowelRoot Nubia Z7 Mini [/ Alert-success]

3. Installing the Custom Recovery CWM

1. Download the program Flashfy from Playstore (Warning: Free Version only allows flash recovery only 3 times. To overcome this limit, you must purchase the Premium version from the Program Settings)
[pb-app-box pname = 'com.cgollner.flashify' name = 'Flashify (for root users)' theme = 'discover' lang = 'it']

2. Download the specific CWM Recovery for the Z7 Mini (ClockWorkMod recovery)

[Alert-success] Download CWM Recovery [/ Alert-success]

3. Once the recovery archive is unpacked, copy the file CWM_Z7Mini_c92.img in the main memory of the phone (or even in SD)

4. Start the 'Flashfy' program click on 'Recovery image' / 'Choose a file' / search for the 'mnt' folder select the Sdcard1 folder (phone internal memory) or Sdcard2 (sd memory) depending on where you copy it.

5. Select the recovery to flash and confirm the first time with 'Yup' and the second time with 'Reboot'.

4. MIUI 5 ROM flash

Once restarted in Recovery Mode, do one factory reset (not the advanced one) then select the firmware and proceed with the installation. Do an additional factory reset even after installing the firmware.
When the installation is restarted ... et voila, your Nubia Z7 Mini will be running with MIUI 5

5. PlayStore installation and Google services

By default, the only MIUI market is the MiMarket, which means that we will install the most convenient PlayStore and its services. Open the Mi Market and look for "Google", the first result (red icon) should be the "Google Installer" of Eric Xiang.

Through this app you can install the entire google framework as well as the specific apps.

- End -


The Roma comes from this Forum -> http://bbs.ydss.cn/thread-484214-1-1.html

For the section on recovery and root we thank Cuoco92

Simone Rodriguez

Simone Rodriguez

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