Jimmy H9 Flex makes flexibility its strong point!

Are you looking for a powerful, multipurpose yet easy to use vacuum cleaner? The Jimmy H9Flex brings the convenience of a cordless vacuum cleaner directly to your home, without losing the accuracy and simplicity of everyday cleaning.


The vacuum cleaner comes in a compact and tidy box, packed so as to protect all its pieces well. Inside there are in fact 8 different accessories, in addition to the body of the aspirator and its charging system.

Jimmy h9 flex

To enter specifically, in the package we will find:

  • The vacuum cleaner, consisting of a removable battery, body and flexible metal tube.
  • Charger with wall bracket and Italian socket.
  • Motorized floor brush.
  • Nozzle for crevices.
  • 2 in 1 upholstery nozzle
  • Motorized brush for mattresses.
  • Soft brush.
  • Carpet brush
  • Connector
  • Hose
  • Screws (for fixing the charger to the wall)
  • User manual
Jimmy h9 flex


Our vacuum cleaner Jimmy is really "full" of accessories, let's see them together:

Let's start with the main brush: the motorized brush.

It is suitable for cleaning any type of floor, thanks to the super-fast roller and the LED light (very special and convenient accessory!) Which allows you to see well the area being cleaned and therefore every small particle of dust.

The roller of this can be extracted and exchanged with the carpet brush, thus making the same head multipurpose. The head for carpets is in fact excellent for removing dirt, earth and even hair of our four-legged friends from fabrics.

Jimmy h9 flex

Then we have the crevice nozzle, very convenient for cleaning in narrow places or those that require greater precision, from the corners of the rooms to the car.

Jimmy h9 flex

The perfect combination for the latter is the 2-in-1 upholstery nozzle: its shape makes it the most suitable for cleaning car interiors: it reaches the most difficult points, also carefully cleans carpets and seats, thanks to the retractable outer brush.

Another convenient accessory is the motorized brush used for mattresses: it has a shape that allows you to maximize anti-mite cleaning and keep areas that are less easy to clean, such as our bed or sofa, clean.

Jimmy h9 flex

Finally, the soft brush, thanks to its long fibers, is ideal for cleaning furniture, ornaments and objects with less convenient shapes, such as your computer keyboard.

The connector allows the bending up to 90 degrees of some of these accessories, as well as the flexible metal tube, characteristic of this model, allow the use of this vacuum cleaner in many situations. The plastic hose instead allows the ability to move 360 ​​degrees with almost any accessory.

Thanks to the ability to displace the brushes from a simple upright position, the hoses often save us from annoying positions and make cleaning a breeze.


The assembly of the Jimmy H9Flex it is made very simple by clear and essential instructions:

The extractable battery is inserted into the aspirator body and recharged. The loading takes place via the wall support, which allows you to create a space dedicated to the vacuum cleaner and to keep our favorite accessories hanging from it for a unique convenience.

Once loaded, the vacuum cleaner can be used with a series of combinations of pipes and accessories according to the situation, facilitating the cleaning of any environment.


The broom is activated via two keys always on the central body: one for on / off, the other to select the most suitable mode. The suction body is equipped with a display, which provides us with information on:

  • Dirt and dust present, through a blue LED that becomes red in the areas richest in material to be vacuumed.
  • The remaining autonomy (estimate in minutes). In my experience, about 2-3 minutes from the end of it the vacuum cleaner turned itself off due to the low voltage.
  • The mode used.

The vacuum cleaner is in fact equipped with four modes: auto, turbo, max and eco.

Car automatically measures the power to be used based on the degree of dirt it detects, turbo e Max they use increasingly higher degrees of power (obviously at the expense of battery autonomy, which is reduced to about 25 minutes per full charge) while the last, echo, on the other hand, prefers a lower suction power but a higher autonomy, for a total of about 80 minutes of suction, double compared to the 'auto mode which is around 40 minutes. If you have never used a cordless vacuum cleaner before, I can guarantee you that in about 20 minutes you can completely clean an apartment of about 100 square meters.


After a good cleaning, the tank can be emptied using a lever on the left, or by removing, on the opposite side, the entire tank block which includes the Hepa filter. In both cases the process is very simple and intuitive. All these parts can be washed under running water.

Even the Hepa filter, thanks to its microfibre sheets, is washable to always guarantee the best performance of the vacuum cleaner. The only precaution, very important, is to let it dry well before using it again.


Il Jimmy H9Flex it is surprisingly comfortable: thanks to the wall support it is always at hand, it charges in a relatively short time due to the power it offers (about 4 hours) and thanks to the LED of the main brush I was able to clean every part of the house with care (if you have never tried it you cannot understand how comfortable it is to illuminate the area to be cleaned, dirt will come out that you would not see even in direct sunlight).

Not to mention the most important feature: the tube FLEX main and the flexible polycarbonate connection pipe. Both allow you to reach any point both at home (under furniture, sofas, beds, etc.) and in the car.

Combined with the upholstery and crevice nozzles, it makes cleaning a real breeze.

In summary, this product combines ease of use, power and intuitiveness in a perfect combination. It is then perfect both for small spaces, given the simple design, but also for large spaces thanks to the absence of wires. Intrigued by this little gem? We leave you the link to purchase right here:

🛒️ Jimmy H9 Flex (official 2 year warranty)
💰 Coupon: XTJIMMY5
📌Buy https://tidd.ly/3JqyRkY
🇮🇹 Fast FREE shipping from Italy

For those wishing to buy on Amazon: https://amzn.to/3bv90Me

We thank jimmy italia for sending the sample, and you readers of the attention.


9.1 Total score
Flexible in name and in fact!

The best vacuum cleaner for ease of use and the possibility of cleaning any environment

Suction power
LED display
Flexibility of use
Easy tank cleaning
Ease of use (weight)
  • Great autonomy
  • Endless accessories
  • Suction power
  • Convenient LED display
  • 4 How to use
  • LED lights on the main brush
  • Easy to clean
  • Wall support
  • The motor body is slightly heavy
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