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KuKirin G3 Pro – A BEAST of an electric scooter that will give you emotions in safety

I finally tried the KuKirin G3 Pro, top of the range electric scooter from the famous Kirin brand. A high-end electric scooter that has no compromises in any respect. A crazy power, but also robust and solid so you can fully enjoy the performance. The price is also interesting, so it is worth analyzing the technical characteristics together.

What's in the KuKirin G3 Pro package?

  • Electric scooter KuKirin G3 Pro
  • Charger
  • User manual
  • Mounting screws
  • Tools for assembly and maintenance
  • Pump for inflating tyres

The scooter arrives perfectly packaged and partially assembled. It is necessary to assemble the handlebar with the screws and tools already supplied.

Design and features

The design is that of a true "racing scooter". captivating lines, with a black color contrasting with orange, which conveys all the passion contained in this scooter with extraordinary qualities. The dimensions are important, a few centimeters more than G2Max, or 129x63x136 cm, as well as the truly remarkable weight of 39,5 kg. Fortunately it can be closed again with a well-made release system: easy to close but also stable when open.

It features a sturdy frame that supports a weight of up to 120 kg and this is also a good one general quality indicator of the product. There is also the certification IP54 which ensures waterproof sprayed with water for 10 minutes, but it is always better to avoid using it in the rain.

La footboard measuring 51×19 cm, it is large enough to use your feet in parallel, furthermore the rubberized surface offers a lot of grip and stability. The footboard continues on the rear with a sturdy spolier which allows further support for the foot.

Il handlebars it measures 63 cm, like that of a bicycle, in fact the ride is decidedly more stable than a "classic" scooter, furthermore the knobs are covered in rubber and have a protrusion that offers comfortable palm rest. On the side left we find the control for the direction indicators, electronic horn and lights. On the right there is the accelerator, the power and mode change button and the button for switching to "dual motor" mode. Finally, centrally, there is the key lock which is necessary to enable the starting.

Il   it's gorgeous and futuristic. It is monochromatic, measures 4″ and is easily legible and adjustable in angle according to your height. It shows the current speed, the total kilometers travelled, the remaining battery and the chosen driving mode. I really appreciated being there of the current battery voltage which provides a much more accurate indication of the remaining charge and overall health of the battery.

Performance and Autonomy

The KuKirin G3 Pro is powered by two 1200W motors with a peak of 1500W powered by a stratospheric 52V 23,2 Ah battery which provides the necessary resources very well.

We can select between 3 possible driving modes, essentially 3 gears that limit the speed: 25/45/55 km/h (Single Drive), 25/45/65 km/h (Dual Drive). You will rarely use first gear and I don't like the fact that when you turn it on it doesn't restore the previous choice. I also find it inconvenient that the selection button is immediately under the accelerator, forcing me to let off the gas.

THEacceleration is lightning fast, reaches maximum speed in just a few seconds and thanks to the excellent acceleration you can also make good overtakings.

Personally I think this is it just the right amount of power for a scooter which allows you to have fun while maintaining a margin of safety and control of the vehicle.

Autonomy declared is of 80 Km in favorable conditions and with a single engine. In truth, going at full throttle and with frequent use of the dual engine, it is difficult to exceed 40/50 km which in any case is a truly excellent value and sufficient for most people.

Technical equipment

La braking it is run by two 140 mm hydraulic disc brakes which offer decisive braking but also with great sensitivity, typical of hydraulic brakes. The two motors also act as an electronic brake to aid braking.

The lighting available is powerful, varied and stylish. There are 11 indicator lights available:

  • Double front headlight with hemispherical lens
  • 2 front lights (one on each side) integrated into the footboard with hemispherical lens
  • 4 red position lights (two on each side) which are also used as direction indicators
  • 2 rear lights (one on each side) integrated into the footboard also used as direction signaling
  • 1 rear light used as position and braking signal

In essence, even when the sun no longer illuminates the streets, we will have a large system of lights available to make us noticed.

I 10″ x 3″ tires they offer greater stability and safety than the classic 8.5″ ones, furthermore they are knobby and performed very well even in my tests on dirt and mud terrain.

Obviously there is no shortage of shock absorbers both on the front and on the rear, with adjustable springs to adapt them to your driving style and the road surface you have to travel. They do a great job and the ride is incredibly comfortable even off-road. Shock absorbers are also important for the safety because they guarantee better grip and safer braking.

KuKirin G3 Pro Technical Sheet

Motor power2400W (Double motor 1200 + 1200)
Battery52 V 23,2 Ah
Charging time10 Hours (Single 2A charger)
Waterproof certificationIP54
Tire size10"
Tire typeAir chamber
Weight :KG 39,6
Dimensions when closed129 x 63 x 59 cm
Dimensions when open129 x 63 x 136 cm
Platform dimensions19x51 inch
Handlebar height130 cm
Recommended driver height150 / 200 cm
Shock absorberFront + Rear adjustable
HeavyweightKG 120
Max speed65 KM / H
Front brakeHydraulic / Disc 140 mm
Rear brakeHydraulic / Disc 140 mm + electronic

KuKirin G3 Pro Price and final opinions

The electric scooter KuKirin G3 Pro it is a high level product from all points of view. The fantastic double engine gave me a lot of fun in all conditions, but I always felt safe and in full control of the vehicle.

Its only limit is probably its weight and dimensions which have a major impact on practicality and make it almost more similar to a moped than a scooter.

For this reason I consider it suitable for the city but I would recommend it above all to those who live in the countryside and can take advantage of the off-road setup, the great speed and excellent autonomy.

Il price it is not within everyone's reach but all in all in line with what is offered: an uncompromising scooter, powerful, beautiful, robust and safe. AND' available on GeekBuying at €1195 using the discount code C2B6P8 in your cart before checkout. The KuKirin G3 PRO, Ships free and fast from GeekBuying's warehouses in Europe.

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8.2 Total score
Kukirin G3 Pro is the TOP

The KuKirin G3 Pro electric scooter is a high-level scooter from all points of view. The fantastic dual motor gave me lots of fun in all conditions.

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