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Crosiko Smart Lamp perfect for those who want a "colourful" home!

A few years ago it was really “cool” to think of being able to have colored lights in your home! Today all this is quite normal, in fact we find a credible offer of smart RGB light bulbs, many of which can be controlled via remote control, others via a dedicated app and some also via voice assistant (Alexa/Google Home. But today I won't talk to you about a classic light bulb , but rather a designer lamp that contains all the above-mentioned features and we will be able to take it home at a very very interesting price. It is the Crosiko Smart Lamp, a Chinese brand that is getting noticed precisely for these products dedicated to the smart home.

PACKAGING Crosiko Smart Lamp

Let's start as always from the packaging, a quick note: the package arrived wrapped in a single gray tissue but there were no protections inside so it was a little damaged. So I will advise the seller to take more care with the packaging for a product that will have to travel around 6000km!

  • Four elements of the lamp
  • Metal base
  • Remote control
  • USB A power cable – Lamp input
  • Instruction booklet (in English)

Unfortunately, the power supply is missing from the package. All you need is a classic 10W charger, costing just a few euros, but the fact remains that having it included would have been better.


Assembly is really simple and won't take you more than 5 minutes! In fact, our lamp is made up of 4 elements that will only need to be fitted one above the other and then fixed to the round base which will be used to place it on the floor. Impossible to go wrong as you will find 2 identical central parts with male-female connection and the two terminals below and above which can only be connected in one direction.

Immediately after finishing the assembly you notice the first and fortunately only defect of the product: there are two versions, 1.2m and 1.6m, mine is the second and since the elements are made of plastic it tends to bend. So I think it would be more logical to buy the shorter version because seeing it folded I have to say it doesn't look very good.

HOW TO USE Crosiko Smart Lamp

Attached to the first LED element we find a USB-A cable to which we will have to connect the power supply and a remote control for the basic functions which also integrates the microphone for the music mode and the IR receiver for using the remote control. The basic functions are turning on/off, switching between preset modes (M button) and music mode (music note button). The remote control is located approximately halfway along the total length of the cable which is one meter (therefore approximately 50cm). Therefore the lamp must be placed at a maximum distance of one meter from an electrical socket, or you can opt to connect it to a power bank (with the inconvenience however of obviously having to recharge it

Smart Crosiko lamp

There are actually 3 modes of use, in fact we will be able to control our Crosiko LED lamp via the supplied remote control, application and Alexa/Google Home. Let's see in detail:


To use it via the app you will have to proceed as follows: first you will obviously have to install it, then go to the playstore/apple store and search for "Smart Live - Smart Living". Register, enable BT and location and then proceed to search for a new device (with the “+” button). You will be asked for permissions, the wi-fi connection and finally “Ambient Lighting” will be detected. Once the device has been detected, you can change the name to whatever is most convenient for you (also for voice commands).

The really convenient thing is that in AUTOMATIC, once configured via the application, it will be detected by Alexa without having to proceed with a new configuration also in Alexa and it will also take the name you have set! So you will already be enabled to use it via Alexa voice commands.

Smart Crosiko lamp

Once the application has been installed we will find an interesting menu that allows us to set the length of our lamp but DON'T DO IT! I tried and once I set 160cm only the first element worked, so leave it as it is, i.e. set to 5m. Evidently this setting can only be used when using an LED strip (as the menu says)

Instead, you can have fun with the many other settings you will find in the app. In fact, you will have a series of predefined scenes, the possibility of setting them manually, using different music modes, setting a sleep timer and even daily on/off routines.

At the bottom you can switch from one menu to another in the order: preset scenes (light bulb icon), music mode (musical note icon), manual scene mode (color palette icon), settings mode. In my opinion, the possibility of managing the music mode via the microphone on the remote control or via the phone that manages the app is very interesting. The difference will be that via the phone you can also move away from the lamp but still transmit the audio. I must say that the mic on the remote control is really very sensitive and detects music even if it is low and the source is not close to the lamp.


The setup in Alexa was automatic! Well yes, after configuring the lamp in its application I found the device already beautiful and ready in Alexa.

Smart Crosiko lamp

Voice commands are obviously very convenient, you can turn it on and off, change color and of course create personalized routines. Compatibility is 100% guaranteed and everything works perfectly.


As always we conclude starting from the list price which is around €70, which for 1.60m of lamp is not much. Also consider the fact that thanks to our partner site GOOD BANG (thank you for sending the sample) and our discount code you can take it home with an excellent discount. Having said that, let's get to the things I liked, namely the ability to control it via Alexa, via application and via integrated remote control. I really like the music modes that allow us to have beautiful color plays synchronized with music, music played in the environment or from our phone. The application is well designed, has many preset options and the possibility of manually creating the color games we prefer. In short, many positive aspects but one negative which could be quite impactful, namely the fact that you will hardly be able to make it stand upright due to the not excellent quality of the plastic with which it was built. But then some sacrifices had to be made to keep costs down. Let's be clear, it won't have the Leaning Tower effect... but if you're a precision maniac, it might bother you.

This is all you need to know for the possible purchase of this Crosiko Smart Lamp. Below I leave you the link to purchase with our discount code. All I can do is wish you happy shopping!

Crosiko Smart Lamp 1.6m

46€ 70€
🇨🇳 Priority Shipping Included (No Customs)

Crosiko Smart Lamp 1.2m

39€ 60€
🇨🇳 Priority Shipping Included (No Customs)
8 Total score
Almost perfect

A good product, versatile and with a modern design

  • Price
  • Multiple ways of use (remote control, application, Alexa)
  • Application done well
  • Ability to create usage routines and shutdown timers
  • Music mode present
  • Compatible with Alexa
  • Not top quality materials so it tends to bend
  • Lack of supplied power supply
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