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Lefant M1 vacuums and washes in less than 10cm!

Robot vacuum cleaners are undoubtedly one of the most requested products of recent years. The evolution of these devices has led them to have incredible technical characteristics and total operating autonomy, minimizing our intervention necessary to make it work. In fact, the latest generation ones vacuum, wash, mop themselves, empty the dust and empty the dirty water. Of course, if you want to buy a robot of this level, you have to set a large budget, but if instead you want a simpler one, which still cleans well, then we could even stay on affordable figures. This is the case with Levant M1 which I have tried and which does its job very well.

Levant M1

PACK Lefant M1

I must say the packaging didn't excite me.. although there is everything you need, maybe even something more, it gives the feeling of being very cheap and this is certainly not a good business card. Even the plastic that contains the parts really seems to be of very low quality. But let's get to the content:

  • Lefant M1 robot
  • Charging base
  • Feeder
  • Additional tank filter
  • 4 rotating brushes (to be used in pairs)
  • 5 disposable wash cloths
  • 1 reusable wash cloth
  • Instruction booklet (including Italian language)


Aesthetically, the robot resembles many others, usually a circular form factor and a laser turret. We do not find the classic "bumpers" for mechanical collision as it uses a particular obstacle recognition system which makes its use useless. Surely compact measuring just 31cm in diameter at 9.5cm in height. This measure is particularly interesting because it allows it to reach under furniture, sofas, etc. where other robots probably would not be able to reach. I like the black version, it gives a touch of "modern" while as regards the materials we find the usual well-made polycarbonate. The charging base is very small and light (13x17x8cm for a weight of 225Gr), convenient for positioning it even in narrow spaces, less comfortable as it may not be very stable, despite the rubber pads that grip the floor, when the Robot arrives. The charging base brings back the usual Cheap feeling I had when opening the package.

For turning on the Robot we have a real physical button which is objectively not very nice to look at but certainly functional. In front of the LIDAR turret instead we have 3 backlit touch keys.


All in all the Lefant M1 has good technical characteristics that deserve to be evaluated: the suction power is 4000Pa, therefore in line with even much more expensive models, which allows him to almost never have problems collecting all the dirt he finds on the floor. The battery is from 4000mAh and guarantees the cleaning of a floor area of ​​up to 200m2 or 150 continuous minutes, therefore very good. Too bad that instead we find a single tank that will collect dust and clean water container. If for the dust we are on acceptable values, that is 520 ml, as regards the water we only have available 160 ml, a quantity that goes in stark contrast to the autonomy that would guarantee us cleaning of really large spaces which would consequently require more water.

The navigation system is Lidar, among the best for this type of robot, and in addition we find a proprietary technology "freemove 3.0“, essentially a built-in 6D anti-collision infrared sensor replaces the mechanical collision method, achieving 720-degree omnidirectional sensing of the surrounding environment. As for the mapping of the rooms, it uses artificial intelligence and technology SLAM. So on paper our robot really has poco to be envied by much more famous competitors.

Cleaning takes place via the roller that we find below and 2 brushes with 3 blades placed in front. To disassemble the brush and clean it, just unhook the grid that holds it in place (using the 2 catches) and remove it. Once cleaned, putting it back in place will be an equally quick operation.

For washing, simply connect the special support + mop which will be used to wash the floor. Of course, don't think about removing old and encrusted stains, but if you always keep the floor clean enough, washing will also be effective!

Levant M1


The Lefant M1 is totally controllable from an application that you can find both in the Play Store for Android devices and in the Apple app store. Once installed you will need to register an account, enable BT and location and add your new robot. The procedure is simple and guided and you will have the possibility to do it with the Italian language present in the app. Here the screenshot sequence for adding the robot

Once added we will be ready to use our robot. First of all, I advise you to put it on recharge and bring it to 100%. Then through the application you will have the possibility to manage the washing at 360°, vacuum, vacuum and wash, wash only, create forbidden areas where not to clean, create maps, create washing routines, decide the amount of water to use, etc. However, I must say that the application could have been done better, both from a graphic point of view where it leaves much to be desired and from an organizational point of view. The menus are placed somewhat haphazardly and not intuitively. The example is the quantity of water to use, which can be set in 3 levels, placed in the sub-menu of the general settings and not in the first choice where it should be logical to find it.

It is also possible to configure it with Amazon Alexa and then start it through our beloved voice assistant! Overall let's say that the application part should really be improved.


Thanks to its decidedly good suction power, we recall 4000Pa, the cleaning of dirt / dust is certainly good and with its limited thickness it is also able to clean under sofas, armchairs and furniture where other robots had not managed to pass. As far as washing is concerned, we can give it a 6.5, considering that to have a product that washes 8.5 you need to spend at least €1.000. Miracles cannot be asked of all these devices with a medium-low cost from this point of view and al Levant M1 even less since it has a very small water tank. You can set the maximum water release to wash a little better but if you have a large house be prepared to fill the tank at least a couple of times. In any case, the standard washing system would not in any case allow even better washing even if it had a larger water tank.


Honestly when I saw the list price of this Lefant M1 I was a bit skeptical. In fact, we're talking about €399, which isn't a lot but not a few either. In fact, in this price range we find many products, some of which even have an emptying base. But there's a though.. its discounted price that you can find today on Amazon Prime! In fact we will be able to take it home with a double discount which will bring the final price to €230 and at this price it is undoubtedly an excellent purchase!

At this point I just have to leave you the direct link to purchase and wish you happy shopping!

Lefant M1 robot vacuum cleaner and floor washer

230€ 399€
Discount on the product page
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8 Total score
Good product

It becomes very interesting around €270

  • Excellent autonomy
  • Limited thickness, goes under furniture
  • Double side brush
  • Compatible with Apps/Alexa
  • High suction power, 4000Pa
  • Spare parts included
  • Improved application
  • Water tank poco capacious
  • Without self-emptying base
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