The Xiaomi Mi 9 Explorer Edition… will it go towards 5G?

It is now time to finally prepare for the launch of the next top of the range by Xiaomi. Everything is ready for the 20 February and even the voices begin to square around what could be both a breaking point and a link with the models of the past. We are talking about Xiaomi Mi 9 which will be unveiled in all its facets at the next MWC 2019.


In a few days we will actually know all about the new Xiaomi Mi 9, but as you know we like to break the expectations with the rumors that come from unofficial sources. In this case, more than unofficial sources, however, we are talking about an official release of news from Xiaomi: through the publication of a video conversation between the CEO of the Chinese brand, Lei Jun, and the group promoter Wang YuanIndeed, we know with certainty that the successor of Mi 8 will be equipped with well four cameras: the rear three will reach i 48 Megapixel with sensors Sony IMX-586, while the camera dedicated to selfies will be made with Sony IMX-576 sensor by well 24 Megapixel.


Xiaomi Mi 9 is shown under the body!

And if Mi 8 Explorer Edition he had stunned the audience for the corporate choice to show what was under the back cover (even if it was actually a "false author", Seen the printed effect), here is that Lei Jun wants to please his customers with a My 9 that shows really its components through a shell made like no one had ever dared to do.

After the renders released yesterday to please those fans who love the bright colors and who will want a Mi 9 iridescent purple

o metallic blue, it would seem that Xiaomi has its own trump card in the Mi 9 Explorer Edition (who knows what it will actually be called) that will attract the most demanding fans. And if there was also one under the body Snapdragon 855?!


And if it were actually the same processor that will be presented on Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 (5G), the innovative smartphone that will pave the way for the 5G with a Snapdragon X50 LTE modem? The rumors seem to confirm what has just been said, but ... all rumors would rule out the presence of the same 5G network module that would make the throat fans. In fact the Mi 9 unveiled by our sources should mount yes one Snapdragon 855 (with a maximum clock of well 2.84 GHz and performance higher than 45% on the single core compared to the SD845), but accompanied by a X24 LTE modem able to reach the 2 Gbps in download. Few compared to the X50 LTE, but ... to the face!


With these interesting details we refer you to the next news that will surely fill our pages before the launch of the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi 9.

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