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Meizu 21 is preparing for launch: here are the features of the device with customized engine and ultra-thin bezels

Meizu, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer, today started a new phase of promotion for its next flagship, the Meizu 21, which will be presented on November 30, 2023 in Wuhan. The device aims to challenge the competition with some high-level technical specifications, which were anticipated by Meizu's official profile on Weibo, the popular Chinese social network.

Meizu 21 is preparing for launch: here are the features of the device with customized engine and ultra-thin bezels

Among the specifications revealed, the battery capacity, which will be 4800mAh. Meizu claimed that this battery will offer longer life than a competing device with a 5100mAh battery, thanks toOneMind 10.5 software optimization and at the Energy-saving Samsung OLED screen. Meizu has stated that the Meizu 21 will be able to reach 8,2 hours of battery life under the extreme duration test from 0 to 100%, compared to 7,4 hours of the competing device.

The Samsung OLED screen will be another strong point of the Meizu 21, as it will support a dimming frequency of 1920Hz, an SGS certification for reduced blue light and flicker, and greater color uniformity and softness. The screen will be made from the material Samsung E6 and will have a resolution of 1080P. Meizu claimed that the square screen with 1,74mm equilateral bezels will offer a better visual sensation than a 1,5K screen.

The Meizu 21 will also feature a custom engine Meizu mEngine Ultra, which will have a volume of 602mm³ and a vibration sensation superior to that of a 1016 motor. This motor will guarantee a tactile feedback experience among the best in the industry, according to Meizu.

The Meizu 21 will have one thickness of 7,9mm and an AnTuTu score of 2230554, which will make it an e-sports flagship with high performance and a slim body. The device will be powered by the third-generation Snapdragon 8 mobile platform, which will offer greater power and lower power consumption.

The Meizu 21 will be officially launched on November 30, 2023, pricing and availability have not yet been announced.

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