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Meizu Blue Charm returns with a tablet?

Maybe someone will remember Meizu Blue Charm. For a certain period, the Chinese house had launched this line, which offered products of different types belonging to the mid-range. In 2018, however, Blue Charm stopped producing devices. However, it could soon be back on the crest of the wave, as can be guessed from some trademarks registered by Meizu. Let's find out more details.

The return of Meizu Blue Charm

That Meizu is one of the most active realities can be guessed from many projects in the pipeline. Today we register a new suggestion from the Chinese company.

A few weeks ago what was once a sub-brand of Meizu seems to have come back to life. In fact, the new Meizu Blue Charm brand has been registered. A real re-enactment of a reality that had done well a few years ago, especially in the market aimed at younger people.

But in which market will Meziu Blue Charm enter? In one that is actually tempting not a few in this historical moment. We refer to that of tablets. According to a Bald Panda leak, in fact, it seems that there is a Blue Charm Pad in the pipeline. We will see if in the coming weeks Meizu will unbutton itself with official statements.

Edoardo D'Amato

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