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Meizu in Europe: new perspectives have just opened

Meizu represents (or should) a virtuous example for all smartphone manufacturers to follow. His strategy, although relegated exclusively to the mother country, has proved successful especially in recent times. The choice of produce just two smartphones in a year, focusing everything on the hardware sector but above all the software, has proved to be a winner and in fact the numbers speak for themselves. The brand made a splash during 2020 thanks to the two new mobile devices. 2021 may be the same but with a difference: we could see the brand entering the European market.

Change of leadership for Meizu: former CEO Huang Zhang is succeeded by his brother Huang Zhipan. Behind him an experience in the international market is not indifferent

During the'Qualcomm's exclusive interview with Meizu, the newly elected CEO proved capable of answering all the questions of the microprocessor giant. As we saw earlier, the new flagship of the company Chinese will be released in the spring with a really interesting hardware equipment. Indeed, we will find a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 to which the very light will keep company FlymeOS. But that is not what interests us here. The one we focus on now is the figure of Huang Zhipan, or the new CEO.

meizu huang zhipan
Huang Zhipan, the new CEO of the company

According to the interview, Huang Zhipan was before becoming CEO responsible for the foreign division of the company. Although the company's market outside of China was poco promising, he continued to give his best. But now new perspectives are opening up as he takes command of the flagship. This, according to the Meizu official community, can only mean one thing: thearrival of the brand's products also in Europe.

News that, despite being unofficial, leaves us amazed. Until now we have not perceived no interest of the company in going out of China. Now this trend could be reversed. It's not yet time to assume which devices will come in first Europe, whether smartphones or household products. Without a doubt, in the coming months we will hear from the CEO officially.

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