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Mobvoi Earbuds ANC official: the maximum with ANC, at less than 60 €

We know Mobvoi mainly for the TicWatch, the smartwatches undoubtedly of the highest quality but which are offered at an advantageous price compared to the competition. Few people know, however, that the company also has headphones of different kinds in its catalog, such as the latest ones Mobvoi Earbuds ANC. They are wireless in-ear headphones (true wireless to be honest) with great capabilities. Let's go and see all the specifications and features.

Mobvoi launches the Earbuds ANC: anonymous name, but which hides some interesting features such as ANC and voice controls. Less than 60 €

Mobvoi Earbuds ANC they are wireless headphones with a compact size, with the now traditional stick design, and which, among other things, offer one of the most sought after features of the latest generations: active noise cancellation (ANC). They come boasting noise cancellation at a fairly low price (59.99 € in Italy) and according to their data sheet they are able to filter up to 30 decibels from our environment.

mobvoi earbuds anc official: specifications, price italy

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You can use Mobvoi headphones in mode open. We can disable this mode from the headphones themselves, and we also have a transfer mode that respects the bubble of silence but projects voices inward when they speak to us, so we don't completely isolate ourselves.

Mobvoi Earbuds ANC they also have 13mm drivers that deliver deep bass and high fidelity sound. If we wish, we can check them by voice by responding to simple commands such as "Listen to music","Increase volume" or "Song next one". In addition to this, using a "Hey Tico”We can activate the voice assistant of our phone. 

mobvoi earbuds anc official: specifications, price italy

Speaking of batteries and autonomy, the Mobvoi Earbuds ANC are equipped with 50 mAh that offer up to 7 hours of production continue with headphones. Up to 21 hours in total adding the two additional refills contained in the case. We also find the IPX5 protection to resist sweat during sports activities.

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