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OnePlus 12: design and presentation date officially revealed

OnePlus, the famous Chinese smartphone brand, has officially announced the launch date of its new flagship model, the OnePlus 12. It is a device that promises to offer superior power to all Pro models based on the Snapdragon 8gen3 processor, the most advanced at the moment.

OnePlus 12: design and presentation date officially revealed

OnePlus 12

lOnePlus 12 will be presented on December 5th, and in the past few hours the images of the three colors available: white, black and green. The design of the OnePlus 12 reflects that of the previous OnePlus 11, OnePlus Ace2 and others, but with some new features, such as the flash unit moved to the edge of the camera module, and the Hasselblad logo and lens parameters printed on the back.

Another element that catches the eye is the circular hole on the top bezel of the OnePlus 12, which appears to be a noise-cancelling microphone. This could indicate that the OnePlus 12 will have improved call quality compared to previous models.


Li Jie, president of OnePlus China, published an article on the Weibo social network to better explain the features and ambitions of the OnePlus 12.

Li Jie said that the OnePlus 12 is the fruit of OnePlus' ten years of exploration, growth and perseverance in the field of flagship smartphones, and that it is a product that thinks about what users want and achieves the maximum in every aspect that interests them.

To make this product, OnePlus invested the most resources and efforts in its history, and spent more than a year of definition, selection and technical research, as well as many months of adjustment, polishing and optimization.

OnePlus 12 cameras

In terms of hardware configuration, the OnePlus 12 has no reserves and is fully loaded. The Snapdragon 8gen3 chip breaks every performance record, lo 2K screen world-class defined and developed in collaboration with OnePlus, the LYT-808 flagship sensor first generation from Sony, and the best-in-class combination of charging and battery life.

In terms of experience, the OnePlus 12 has been optimized specifically for users' high-frequency usage experience. The updated “supercomputing platform” technology, an eye protection solution never seen in the industry, and the “next generation super light and shadow imaging system” made with Hasselblad, provide an excellent experience in both screen, image, performance, charging and durability, both in the "invisible" field such as vibration, touch, screen, signal, fingerprint, etc.

OnePlus 12

Other aspects, such as the periscope telephoto lens, wireless charging, three-stage button, infrared and other elements that users care about, are all present.

OnePlus China President Li Jie also stated that:

This is the OnePlus 12.

It is an extraordinary product that embodies OnePlus' exploration, growth and perseverance in flagship products over the past decade;

It is a sincere product that thinks about what users want and that reaches the maximum in every aspect that interests them;

It is a product that prioritizes product power, exceeding all aspects in terms of power, surprise and experience.

For this reason, the OnePlus 12 is the "product of transcendence".

But what exactly does “product of transcendence” mean? And why did OnePlus choose this term to define its OnePlus 12? To answer these questions, we must understand OnePlus' philosophy and vision, which are based on the concept of "Never Settle".

OnePlus was born with the aim of creating high-quality smartphones at affordable prices, challenging industry giants such as Apple and Samsung. Since then, OnePlus has launched several successful models, which have stood out for their elegant design, their high performance, their innovative features and their value for money.

snapdragon 8 gen 3 24GB 1TB

For this reason, OnePlus has defined the OnePlus 12 as a "product of transcendence", that is, a product that goes beyond expectations, that surprises and excites. A product that is not limited to being a flagship, but that surpasses all the Pros. A product that is never satisfied, but that always tries to improve. A product that is not just a smartphone, but a symbol of passion, innovation and excellence.

The OnePlus 12 is the result of ten years of work, research, experimentation, challenges, successes and failures by OnePlus. It is the product that embodies all the history, culture, mission and vision of OnePlus. It is the product that represents the best of OnePlus, and that wants to be the best for users.

Now we just have to wait for the official presentation on December 5th

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