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Goodbye to OnePlus “Pro”: smartphones will be unique. The U-turn that is good for the market (and that everyone should do)

OnePlus recently announced a surprising move: the elimination of its “Pro” line. This decision marks a significant turning point in the company's marketing and product strategy. But what pushed the company to make this decision and what implications could it have for the future of its devices? One thing is certain: this move is profitable for the smartphone market and many should learn from her.

End of the game for the OnePlus "Pro": a new market approach, very acceptable

OnePlus, known for years for its high-quality devices, recently made an unexpected move: it eliminated its “Pro” product line. This change was introduced with the launch of the OnePlus 11, ending a tradition that began in 2019 with the OnePlus 7 Pro. OnePlus' strategy has always been to challenge high-end devices by offering products at more accessible prices, a philosophy maintained despite the price increase.

Li Jie Louis, president of the China division, shared the reason for this decision on Weibo. In an industry where manufacturers often create versions “Pro","Incredibly "and "Max” of their smartphones, OnePlus chooses to deviate from this norm. The company's vision is to offer an uncompromising user experience with the OnePlus 12.

OnePlus 12 Global

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This means high performance, image quality, battery life, excellent material quality, processor, and network connectivity, without forcing users to choose between various models.

Furthermore, the brand is focusing on a new configuration of the Sony Lytia sensor, along with improvements in image processing. This approach differs significantly from that of most manufacturers, who tend to limit some features in their base models compared to more expensive versions.

In my humble opinion, the strategy of eliminating the “Pro” line is extremely bold and could represent a challenge not only for the brand, but also for other companies. These, from now on, will have to demonstrate that we can offer devices that meet all user needs, without however resorting to a "specialized" variant.

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