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OnePlus wants to change the work between smartphones and PCs. OxygenOS 14 and Microsoft Phone Link are the solution

The upcoming update of OXYGEN 14 for OnePlus devices is generating interest for its new features, including Dock files, Notes 2.0 e Smart Cutout. A key element is integration with Microsoft Phone Number Link, which marks an important step in the synergy between smartphones and PCs. The announcement of this synergy comes directly from the company. Let's see the details.

Synergy with Microsoft Phone Link and OnePlus for a positive impact on productivity

This new version of OXYGEN aims to facilitate interaction between OnePlus smartphones and Windows PCs. The promise is to offer a user experience without solution of continuity, improving work management and efficiency. When setting up a new Windows PC, the Windows Out Of Box (OOBE) experience is designed to be intuitive, requiring only the scanning of a QR code to activate the connection.

oxygenos 14 allows you to reply to smartphone messages on your Windows PC with Windows Phone Link

In addition to the ease of setup, the interaction between devices becomes smoother. For example, the notifications received on the smartphone can be viewed and managed directly from the PC. Additionally, you can make and receive calls via your computer, giving you more flexibility in everyday use.

Integration goes beyond simple communication. Users can access and manage your OnePlus photos with OxygenOS 14 directly from your PC, with options to save, delete or transfer files efficiently. This feature could be particularly useful for professionals who work with multimedia content.

oxygenos 14 allows you to view smartphone photos on your Windows PC with Windows Phone Link

Another notable feature is the ability to iInteract with mobile applications directly from your PC. This includes the simultaneous use of multiple apps and the ability to completely mirror the screen of the OnePlus with OxygenOS 14 to the PC. These features could offer a significant productivity advantage, especially for those who work in a multitasking environment.

The partnership, obviously, will be seen on first smartphones upgradeable to OxygenOS 14. Update packages will begin to be released in the next few days.

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