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OnePlus and OPPO together to create the best foldable smartphone on the market

The well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus has just officially announced the upcoming presentation of its first foldable smartphone, the OnePlus Open, result of the collaboration with OPPO, one of the world leaders in the mobile device sector.

OnePlus and OPPO together to create the best foldable smartphone on the market


The new OnePlus foldable smartphone is the result of years of experience and research by the OPPO and OnePlus teams, who have combined their skills and expertise to create the best folding smartphone ever seen. The device combines OnePlus' top-tier hardware performance with OPPO's innovative design and camera technology, ensuring a fast and smooth user experience.

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Below is the official press release:

Pete Lau, the visionary head of production at OPPO and OnePlus, continues to focus on creating extraordinary devices, putting user needs first and offering a design that allows for fast and fluid experiences.

The collaboration between the two brands, following the merger which took place in 2021, has made it possible to multiply research and development resources. The result is cutting-edge technologies that have earned user appreciation, with OPPO having already launched two generations of foldable devices and OnePlus achieving notable success with its OnePlus 11.

The creation of the new OnePlus leaflet was the result of a joint collaboration between the Oppo and OnePlus teams, making the most of the skills and expertise acquired over the years. This synergy was also essential because the device will follow a differentiated marketing strategy in different geographical areas, specifically designed so that as many users as possible can purchase the device.

The main goal is clear: to create the best foldable smartphone ever. OPPO's team has accumulated experience in foldable device design and camera technology, while OnePlus is known for offering a fast and smooth user experience. The union of these skills has given life to the new OnePlus foldable smartphone, which guarantees high-level hardware performance together with an innovative design. Furthermore, the device will include the distinctive and fan-loved OnePlus feature: the alert slider system.

One of the main selling points of the new OnePlus foldable smartphone is its hinge. Compared to devices with a traditional slab shape, the hinge plays a crucial role not only in terms of the size and weight of the device, but also in terms of the overall user experience. OnePlus has dedicated years of research and development to this critical element, with over 600 patents dedicated to hinge design, achieving important milestones.

For example, users who had the opportunity to try OPPO Find N presented two years ago will remember the absence of spaces once the phone is closed: a state of continuity obtained thanks to the hinge. The phone, therefore, remains firmly together even if you insert a thin sheet of paper between its halves.

In the context of the development of the new foldable smartphone, OnePlus has concentrated its efforts on the design of 35 patents dedicated specifically to the hinge. Through careful optimization of materials, the brand has managed to considerably reduce the size and weight of the zipper, while improving its resistance.

Compared to the solution proposed in OPPO Find N2, the hinge of the OnePlus foldable boasts 31 fewer components. This reduction not only helped make the device lighter, but also led to notable improvements in material design and greater overall strength. Notably, the foldable OnePlus hinge is 37% smaller than the one in OPPO Find N2.

By optimizing the size of the hinge, it was possible to create more space inside the device, allowing for a diverse range of experiences. The small and refined design of the hinge, in fact, opens up new possibilities for this device, improving its functionality and user satisfaction.

Source: OnePlus

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