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Open Canvas: OnePlus Open multitasking will also extend to tablets

OnePlus is a brand known for its high-quality smartphones that offer high performance and great user experience. Among its most recent products, the OnePlus Open, the company's first foldable phone, which debuted in global markets last month. The OnePlus Open stands out for its innovative design, its high-end hardware and its exclusive software features. One of these is theOpen Canvas, a software that allows you to make the most of the device's large screen when it is open, offering greater productivity and multitasking.

Open Canvas: OnePlus Open multitasking will also extend to tablets

The Open Canvas is a feature that allows you to run three apps in a split screen at the same time, switching between them with a simple tap or swipe. Two apps can be displayed next to each other and the third app can be used in full screen at your fingertips. Apps can also be resized to full screen or compact mode depending on your needs. The feature aims to utilize the OnePlus Open's 7,82-inch display when open to improve productivity.

Now, the brand has announced that this feature is coming to its tablets too. Recently, OnePlus held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit (first discovered by user X) where they invited everyone to ask any questions about the OnePlus Open. OnePlus' social media manager, Mingyu Zheng, revealed that they have received several inquiries about the Open Canvas feature. The executive added that the company is indeed working on it and that it is confirmed to come to the OnePlus Pad. However, it remains to be seen whether the multitasking feature will also be available on the OnePlus Pad Go, the company's budget tablet.

Il One Plus Pad It has a screen from 11,61 inches, making the multitasking feature even more useful. So it makes sense for the company to add the Open Canvas feature to its tablets. This move could make OnePlus' tablets more competitive and attractive to consumers looking for versatile and powerful devices. There's no word yet on when the Open Canvas feature will arrive on OnePlus tablets, but hopefully it won't be long. Meanwhile, users can enjoy the feature on the OnePlus Open, the foldable phone that offers a new dimension of user experience.

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