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POPDEER PD-E Pro how cool is it?

If you are a car maniac, or even if you are not, I think you should really consider purchasing this product.. Popdeer PD-E Pro, a 4 in 1 kit that will be truly perfect for all those situations in which you often find yourself wanting to do some work and not having the right means to do it. Popdeer is a Chinese brand that is forcefully making its way into the market of car care products. We have already tried something and were really satisfied. But let's see together what it's about!


Let's start immediately with the packaging which already makes us understand the attention that has gone into this product. The external package contains a beautiful black bag made impeccably and perfect for containing all the accessories, also perfect for storing in the car perhaps under the seat or in the trunk. Inside we find:

  • Battery
  • Car wash gun with relative terminal for selecting water jet and hose
  • Foam container
  • Portable vacuum cleaner
  • Inflation compressor with various tips (also for inflating balls, etc.)
  • Libretto di istruzioni (English)

Now let's see in detail how to use the individual accessories.


The battery is the beating heart of our POPDEER PD-E Pro Kit, it will in fact be used to power all the devices present in the package, i.e. the washing gun, vacuum cleaner and compressor. It can also be used as a power bank, DC output to be used for example with a cigarette charger and even a wireless charger. But let's see all its technical characteristics.

ModelPD-E Pro Battery
Battery capacity15.000mAh
Wireless charging15w
DC outputMaximum 12V/10A
USB output5V/3A – 9V/2A
Type C output5V/3.A – 9V/2A
Charging typeType C
Weight :385Gr

Its use is simple, we find a button to turn it on/off, 3 physical outputs and an input. The outputs are: Type C, USB Type-A e DC. You can see the powers of the various outputs in the table and adjust based on the devices you need to recharge. The maximum power is 120w, we will even have the possibility of using wireless charging up to 15w placing our smartphone on top of the battery. For this use it would be a good idea to buy the dedicated support which will allow the phone to remain very stable while charging. On the edge of the battery we find a red safety ring which must be removed before use.

We will then mount it on the other accessories because they will all draw from this battery to function. To mount it, simply hook it where we find the two contacts on both sides, after removing the red ring. Of course, remember to TURN IT ON to power them.


The first accessory we see is the vacuum cleaner. This can be powered in 2 different ways, via the battery which will be attached as already mentioned or via a power supply that can be connected to the cigarette lighter (sold separately) thanks to the DC input. Once powered, you can turn it on with the dedicated button and use it to remove dust/crumbs/etc. from your car and more.


In the package we also find a nozzle with brush to be mounted on top of the vacuum cleaner to remove even the most difficult dirt. As regards the maintenance of the vacuum cleaner, it will be sufficient to remove the nozzle and the filter inside. The filter, made up of a metal grid and the Hepa filter, is positioned interlocking and once removed it must be dismantled and cleaned also with running water. The important thing is to let it dry well before using it again.

There are two suction powers and they will be selected in sequence by pressing the power button. The sequence is as follows: on power 1 – on power 2 – off. Here are the characteristics summarized in a table:

ModelPD-E Pro vacuum cleaner
Suction powerPower 1-11Kpa / Power 2-19Kpa
Motor power70W / 120W
Power Levels2
DC input12V
Basket capacity100 ml
filtersMetal filter + HEPA filter
AutonomyPower 1-55 minutes / Power 2-35 minutes
Weight :239Gr
Dimensions:Height 28cm, diameter 6.6cm


Another very useful element is the compressor. The installation of the battery is identical to that for the vacuum cleaner and once installed the device will be ready for use. Simply connect the cable to the screw connection on the top and turn it on. We find 5 buttons and a display that will give us the information necessary for use. By default there are 4 preset values ​​which are the standards, however these values ​​can be modified to our liking with the "" keys+"and "-” between a maximum and a minimum that I point out in this table:

  • Car tires – Default 2.50 Bar (minimum 1.8 Bar – maximum 4 Bar)
  • Motorcycle tires – Default 2.40 Bar (minimum 1.6 Bar – maximum 4 Bar)
  • Bicycle tires – Default 45 Psi (minimum 30 Psi – maximum 150 Psi)
  • Basketball – Default 8 Psi (minimum 4 Psi – maximum 16 Psi)

The button "R” will move us between the predefined values ​​while the one with the light symbol will serve to turn on an LED located above the compressor, very useful if used at night so as to illuminate the wheel area. In the package we then find 3 syringes with different sizes, perfect for inflating any type of device based on the inflation valve. The attachment is a screw and must be screwed onto the terminal of the inflation cable. On the LED we will find the details of the compression pressure and the logo of the object we are inflating. If the work is prolonged the compressor could heat up too much and in this case the writing "HOT” and it will go into protection, stopping inflation. When the writing “HOT” disappears you can use it again. The inflation capacity is equal to 38L / min


Now we come to the gem of the Kit, the pressure washer gun! I must say that I certainly didn't expect such a functional and easy to use product. I have another pressure washer at home but just assembling and setting it up often puts me off the idea of ​​washing the machine. Here, however, the procedure for using it is really simple and very fast. In fact, all we need to do is connect the usual battery, attach the tube (and insert the end into a bucket to draw water from) and that's it. Incredible? yes, but that's how it really works. At the end of the gun we will have to add the nozzle which will regulate the intensity and spray of water as we prefer and also the small plastic container where we will put the car shampoo. At this point we will not be ready for washing.

It goes without saying that the maximum achievable pressure alone does not allow us to remove stains, especially the most stubborn ones. It is perfect for removing dust and for wetting/soaping/rinsing. In between, if we want to obtain an optimal result, we will have to use the classic sponge which is the only means capable of truly removing any type of stain.

Naturally we can use our pressure washer to clean many different surfaces such as the car, a balcony floor, shutters, a stained wall, and so on and so forth. The gun weighs approximately 950Gr and the working autonomy is approximately 35 minutes with a water volume of around 200-240L/H.


After having explained in detail the use of the 4 accessories of this beautiful Kit POPDEER PD-E Pro let's come to the conclusions. I must admit that I was a little skeptical but all my doubts vanished after trying it. It is really too useful to have all these accessories in a single product which are really very useful especially for our car but not only. The pressure washer gun and the battery that acts as a power bank, also wireless, are worth the purchase of the kit alone. The vacuum cleaner is always useful, in the car and at home, so having another accessory at the right time is always important. We don't use the compressor often, it's true... but the few times we need it and don't have it, we have to use the classic manual pump or even go to the tire dealer. So very good also for this last accessory supplied.

But obviously everything always relates to the price and therefore the relative outlay. The POPDEER PD-E Pro It costs around €275 list price and I assure you that, given the quality of the product, it is worth every penny. But the best part comes now, in fact you can find it on GOOD BANG (thank you for sending the sample) our partner site and our coupon you can take it home with one discount over 65% and at this price it becomes an absolute Best Buy. I remind you about that Banggood you can pay, to protect your purchases, via PayPal and the product will arrive at your home in a few working days (3-5), without annoying customs duties, from a warehouse located in Europe.

POPDEER PD-E Pro 4 in 1 car kit

83€ 275€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping INCLUDED from Europe (No Customs)
9.5 Total score

A 4 in 1 Kit that you must have!

  • Constructive quality
  • Attention to aesthetics
  • Gorgeous carrying bag
  • Battery that acts as a power bank also wireless
  • Pressure washer easy to assemble/use
  • Complete compressor
  • Handy and powerful vacuum cleaner
  • Nobody
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