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Xiaomi anticipates the launch of new Smart Glasses on March 25

Xiaomi, the Chinese technology giant, is ready to revolutionize the market again with the launch of its new ones Smart Glasses scheduled for March 25th. With the slogan “Mirror Enjoy Listening”, Xiaomi promises an immersive audio experience, underlining the growing convergence between fashion and functionality in wearable device design.

Xiaomi anticipates the launch of new Smart Glasses on March 25

New Xiaomi Smart Glasses new new 2024

Already last year, Xiaomi had entered the smart glasses market with the "Mijia Smart Audio Glasses“, sold for 799 yuan (about 100 euros) and received favorably by the public. This initial success demonstrated consumer appetite for devices that combine elegance and technological innovation.

Xiaomi's Smart Audio Glasses are equipped with open-field audio technology, support the 360° musical surround and use a noise reduction algorithm for calls based on a dual microphone with artificial intelligence. The ergonomic design and the ability to freely replace the frame make these glasses not only a cutting-edge device but also a versatile fashion accessory.

The smart glasses market is currently divided into two categories: full-featured AR (augmented reality) glasses and smart audio glasses. The latter, in particular, have shown an unexpected market performance, exceeding expectations and demonstrating that there is significant demand for more audio-focused products.

xiaomi headphones glasses_1
Xiaomi Smart Audio Glasses

Xiaomi's smart audio glasses stand out for their technological maturity, high user acceptance, lowest development and iteration costs, and ability to meet users' basic daily needs. These factors, combined with an expected growth of the global smart glasses market at a compound annual rate of more than 20% from 2021 to 2028, and an estimated value of approximately US$3.117 billion by 2025, make Xiaomi's choice to focus on smart audio glasses not only logical but also forward-thinking.

So Xiaomi not only anticipates future trends but strategically positions itself as a leader in a rapidly expanding market. Smart glasses represent the next step in the evolution of wearable devices, and Xiaomi seems to be on the right path to make the most of this opportunity.

What do you think about it? Does this seem like an interesting product to you or would you never dream of buying it? Let us know in the comments section below!

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