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Realme GT5 Pro: the new flagship with periscopic telephoto lens will be presented on November 22nd

Realme, the well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer, announced via its official account on Weibo that the 22th November will hold a technology conference dedicated to photography, where it will present its new flagship model: the realme gt5 pro. This device, according to what the company itself declared, will bring "a new turning point in telephoto photography".

Realme GT5 Pro: the new flagship with periscopic telephoto lens will be presented on November 22nd

realme gt5 pro

The vice president of RealmePresident of Global Marketing and President of China Xu Qi also published a post on Weibo in which he expressed his confidence in the photography capabilities of the Realme GT5 Pro:

“Realme GT5 Pro brings a new twist to telephoto photography! In the current war between flagships, in addition to performance, the telephoto lens has become a compulsory course, so much so that it is said that a top of the range without a telephoto lens is not a true top of the range. In fact, the periscope-type telephoto lens has always been an exclusive selling point of high-end flagships. But here I want to make a bold prediction: the telephoto lens is about to experience a new turning point in the industry! This time, Realme has joined forces with Qualcomm and ArcSoft to provide faster and stronger imaging performance and more diverse shooting possibilities. We will bring unprecedented experience innovation to the telephoto imaging system! See you at the 'image super core' technology conference at 14pm on November 00.”

From Realme's official poster, it can be seen that in addition to Realme, the participants in this super core image technology conference include Qualcomm and ArcSoft Technology. ArcSoft Technology is a visual artificial intelligence company with a large number of core algorithms for digital imaging.

The Realme GT5 Pro will therefore be a smartphone that will focus heavily on the quality of the photos, especially those taken with zoom. The technical specifications of the GT5 Pro are not yet known, but it is assumed that it will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen3 processor. To find out all the details on the Realme GT5 Pro, we just have to wait until November 22nd, when it will be officially revealed to the public.

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