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Maono WM620 review – High performance dual lavalier microphone

The Maono WM620 is a wireless microphone appreciated for its flexibility, sound quality and portable design. This microphone features a premium unboxing experience, giving users everything needed to get started: wireless transmitter and receiver, carrying case, two lavalier microphones, USB charging cable and English instruction manual.

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The Maono WM620 impresses with its elegant and ergonomic design, made with lightweight materials that enhance its compactness and functionality. The transmitter and receiver boast a compact and lightweight construction, ideal for use on the move. With intuitive controls and LED indicators, setting up and operating the WM620 is a breeze, ensuring a seamless user experience. There are some indicators and buttons on the transmitter, including the battery indicator, the noise canceling button, the transmitter connection status light, and an LED that indicates the operating mode (original or “singing mode”).


With advanced wireless technology, the Maono WM620 offers unparalleled freedom of movement without sacrificing audio quality. With a transmission range of up to 50 meters, you can move freely on stage or in the studio without cable constraints. The WM620 supports multiple frequency channels, allowing for interference-free operation in crowded environments. It also boasts long battery life, ensuring reliable performance during long recording sessions. You can use the noise cancellation function to eliminate hum in crowded areas or switch to “singing mode” if desired. Additionally, to adjust audio levels, there is a microphone gain slider on the receiver with four different levels. Maono also includes a 3,5mm port for connecting an external lavalier microphone of your choice.


Putting the Maono WM620 to the test, it demonstrates audio clarity and reliability in different scenarios. Whether giving presentations, conducting interviews or recording performances, the WM620 consistently captures clear, articulate sounds with minimal latency. The expected range is up to 50 meters and I have comfortably used the microphone clipped to my shirt even in another room without any audio loss or degradation.


In summary, the Maono WM620 is a reliable choice for those looking for a versatile and portable wireless microphone, ideal for a variety of audio recording applications.

The price is truly within everyone's reach on sale on the official website for only $54,99 (10% discount using the XTODAY coupon) which makes it a true best buy for its features, performance and design.

Maono WM620

$49,49 59,99$
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