Xiaomi AirDots PRO Review - Good but not very well

We have witnessed the debut of Xiaomi in the world of "True Wireless" with AirDots but they have not convinced and have created even more Hype for the new model, the AirDots PRO.

The design of the AirDots PRO recalls, not too vaguely, that of the Apple AirPods. In fact for this second generation it was preferred a "rod" form factor that while confirming the in-ear solution it leaves a large part of the earpiece to the advantage of the microphone placed at the tip of the rods and therefore closer to the mouth.

 The earphones that weigh only 5.8 grams they wear without particular problems thanks also to the 3 pairs of grommets supplied, of different sizes to satisfy all needs. They remain firmly enough, but the protruding rod factor (total 4.5cm) is more likely to become entangled, for example by pulling out a mesh or the safety belt of the machine. The battery characteristics I do not know declared but can provide an autonomy of 3 abundant hours reproduction (something less if mixed with conversation)

Xiaomi AirDots PRO Review

On the earphones there is a secondary microphone useful for the active noise reduction function however, it is only available when listening to music and not on call. Finally a sensor placed at the top is able to intercept the insertion in the ears allowing to pause the song when they are extracted.

Xiaomi AirDots PRO
4 € Priority Delivery Direct Line (NoDogana - 6 / 14 working days)
78€ 92€

The circular metal surface is able to receive touch commands for controlling music and calls. The volume can not be controlled.

  • To answer calls: Double tap left or right
  • To put music in Play / Pause: Double tap on the right
  • To activate the voice assistant: Double tap to the left
  • To enable / disable noise cancellation: Tap for 3 seconds

Despite support for (only) Bluetooth 4.2, the musical performance is rather good and powerful: decisive lows and balanced highs. Accomplice of these results is the driver made with a magnet in Neodymium which returns a wide spectrum of audio frequencies that together with the active noise reduction guarantee a good listening experience.

Unfortunately in conversation we do not collect the same good results. The audio in call is good but the microphone does not behave optimally and the voice is transmitted is metallic even if always understandable. In general, the results were fluctuating even if sufficient.

The charging dock is equipped with a magnetic cover. Minimal, small, light and provides the earphones with an extra charge which brings the total autonomy to about 10 hours of reproduction. A side button allows the pairing of the earphones with a prolonged pressure, while with a short pressure the interrogation of the battery (steady light if the charge is good, flashing if it needs to be recharged). The dock has an entrance USB Type-C for charging that takes place in about 1 hours and a half. Having to identify a defect, the extraction of the earphones is not easy since the dock wraps them almost completely and it is difficult to grasp them because of the rounded and slippery surface of these.

Xiaomi AirDots PRO Review

A little curiosity: Il manual as well as the packaging is bilingual (English / Chinese) very unusual thing for this type of Xiaomi products. Is the official export of the product already ready?

We want to thank you GrossoShop that helped us find the AirDots Pro in time. You can use our XTGS5 coupon to buy on their site and save 5 €

Overall, the final grade for this product is good: nice design, always precise operation, excellent listening and a quality of calls more than enough. My biggest concerns are the 75 € import price (in China 50 €) which is definitely "out of the market" and does not justify the net improvement compared to "normal" AirDots. Given that they have just landed in the market, we will see how much the price will fall.

Features Xiaomi AirDots PRO

  • Total weight (dock plus headphones) 58g
  • 16 impedance Ohm
  • Input voltage 5V 1.1A
  • Maximum distance 10 meters
  • 4.2 Bluetooth standard
  • Bluetooth profiles BLE / HFP / HSP / A2DP / AVRPC
7.3 Total score
Xiaomi AirDots PRO Review

Pleasant design, always precise operation, excellent listening and a more than sufficient call quality. My biggest concerns are the 75 € import price (in China 50 €) which is definitely "out of the market" and does not justify the net improvement compared to "normal" AirDots. Postpone until the price is settled.

Value for money
  • - Pleasant design
  • - Excellent autonomy
  • - Appreciable audio quality
  • - Price / quality ratio still too low
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Hi, how do you turn on the stereo mode and hear in both headphones?

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Actually, it's possible to skip a song. Just call your voice assistant (tested on the Android device) and say command like "skip this song", or "play the previous song". Works well with the Spotify app, no clue if it's general behavior or specific for the app.

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i used and my opinion
Enough comfort and very good price range and good battery life but sound quality rating 3 out of 5.

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Is it sure that Airdots pro do not support song switching; Only play and pause musice?

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I am using this for a month and here is my complete review https://www.singlewindowtech.com/2019/03/xiaomi-mi-airdots-pro-review.html

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Hello, there is no way to enable the skip of the songs with the keys?
I also saw that in the settings the Air dots are not recognized as headphones and you can not change the equalization.

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Will I laugh?

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