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Redmi 12 updates to HyperOS Global and Android 14 | Downloads

As promised by Xiaomi, HyperOS Global it arrived in December last year. redmi 12 it is the second smartphone of the Chinese sub-brand to update to HyperOS Global. In fact, before him the Redmi Note 12 it has updated. Below I report all the features of the update, as well as the link with which to proceed Recovery ROM download. Obviously, I remind you that only expert users are advised to install the update manually.

Redmi 12: HyperOS Global update

As with all the very first updates, HyperOS Global for Redmi 12 is also available only to Mi Pilot. This means that only users who were once called Beta Testers and who are part of the program of the same name set up by Xiaomi will receive the update. The update in question arrives on ROM Global enviroment. The build number that brings HyperOS Global and Android 14 to Redmi 12 is OS1.0.1.0.UMXMIXM.

From letters MI in the middle of the build it is recognized that the release is intended for the Global branch. In this regard, we invite you to read this article to understand how MIUI works (and therefore HyperOS too) and how many branches it has in total. At the moment we don't know which ones bugs e critical issues this update brings. The Mi Pilots are used in this sense to improve performance and understand their compatibility well. We therefore recommend that you wait for the update via OTA to be active.

redmi 12

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HyperOS emerges as a milestone in the field of operating systems, thanks to its profound Linux and Xiaomi Vela integration. This merger led to the reconstruction of the core kernel module, introducing 8 new subsystemsi that transform HyperOS into an active, intelligent, high-performance and secure system platform.

The HyperOS ecosystem that we will see on Redmi 12 stands out for its heterogeneous compatibility with hardware, supporting over 200 device categories and more than 200 processor categories. Its flexibility is evident in the execution space, which varies from 64KB to 24GB, making it suitable for a wide range of devices, from Mesh modules to property intelligent to SmartWatch, Via altoparlanti and cell phones.

The technical advances of HyperOS are manifested in its four main subsystems.

Il subsystem graphic now offers high-quality rendering effects, with smooth and realistic blur color mixing. The subsystem of the fillet, on the other hand, significantly improves IO performance and significantly reduces the storage space needed for updates. The subsystem di network Effectively addresses lag and disconnection issues, improving the experience in various scenarios, such as video conferencing and online gaming. Finally, the subsystem of the memory optimizes application startup and background application management.

Another revolutionary aspect of HyperOS is the “thinking center” Xiaomi HyperMind, which leads the interconnection of devices in the era of active intelligence. This center allows devices to actively learn user habits, offering proactive and personalized services.

How to download HyperOS Global for Redmi 12

It is always worth remembering that the update releases for Mi Pilots are not only reserved for them, but also full of bugs. For this reason we do not advise you to update your device if you are not Mi Pilots: you could face a smartphone block. Below we leave you the link for the download NOT RECOMMENDED installation if you weren't Mi Pilot.

The team is relieved of any responsibility in the event of damage to the device following the installation of the updates reported in the article. Indeed, the installation of one recovery “counts” as modding. If for some reason the user is unable to proceed or does not understand the modding process, it is advisable to wait for the OTA which will arrive shortly.

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Alexandre Amaral
Alexandre Amaral
5 months ago

This filth from XIAOMI HYPEROS, simply found on the redmi note 12.

I want to know how to turn to old software….

Alexandre Amaral
Alexandre Amaral
5 months ago

It will be updated on my phone…this is giving bugs to our canvases roll sozinhas..trava o aparelho….a beautiful piece of crap it will be updated…