Redmi Projector and Projector Pro announced: Redmi's first projectors start at only 999 yuan (140 €)

Together with the new series Redmi Note 12 which includes a total of four devices, the brand has also released its first projector Redmi Projector, which will also be available in the Pro version. Redmi's projector is positioned in the 1000 yuan range (about 140 euros at the exchange rate) in China and is advertised with the slogan “the first smart projector for young people”. Let's find out together.

Redmi Projector and Projector Pro announced: Redmi's first projectors start at 999 yuan (140 €)

Let's start with the design of the standard version which adopts a combination of black and white colors, therefore in line with different products of the Xiaomi parent company, while the Pro version adopts a completely black body. In any case, the dimensions are exactly the same for the two projectors, we have a length of 129,5mm, a width of 117mm and a height of 179,4mm.

Going to the specifications, the new series of Redmi branded projectors has obtained the certification of the effective luminous flux with the international standard SGS. This means that the brightness of the entire product series has been officially certified, in particular we are talking about a real brightness of 150ANSI. The projectors will therefore be able to meet the needs of users who want to watch a TV series or movie in a dark environment or at night.

The Redmi Projector projector then adopts a 1080P physical resolution and a 1.2: 1 transmission ratio, that is to say that it can easily project a screen with dimensions ranging from 40 inches to 100 inches (this considering a projection distance that goes from about 107 cm to 267 cm). However, the maximum screen size is 120 inches.

The Redmi Projector series is also newly designed with a cooling system, and based on the results of continuous wear experiments, the life span of the projector can reach 15000 hours. In other words, you can watch 2 movies a day for 10 years without any problems.

In terms of performance, the Redmi Projector is the first product in the world with the new Amlogic T950D4 chip. It is quad core chip with a frequency of up to 1,9 GHz. It has high performance and is equipped with a perception module and a variety of image adaptation algorithms, 11th generation image quality enhancement engine and HSL accurate colors. In summary, this chip is capable of enhancing several parameters to enhance the final cinematic experience.

The projectors also enjoy built-in dual speakers that produce room-filling sound and bring an immersive stereo effect. In addition, the perception module integrates a far-field pickup microphone that collaborates with the anti-noise speech recognition algorithm. So if you want to watch a movie, you can ask the Xiaomi Ai virtual assistant directly without having to lift a finger.

In fact, the Redmi projector series is connected to the Xiaomi smart ecosystem and can be interconnected with multiple Mijia smart devices, thus being able to connect smart lamps, curtains and other devices in the home to the projector. For example, we can automatically turn off the lights and close the curtains after the movie viewing mode has been activated.

But what are the differences between the basic and the Pro version? Well, the Pro version sees an internal memory upgrade from 8GB to 16GB and has unique features like omnidirectional auto correction, auto focus, auto obstacle avoidance, screen alignment and voice assistant. .

Finally, for prices, the standard version will go on presale at the special price of 999 yuan (140 euros), while its list price will be 1399 yuan (193 euros). The Pro version will instead be available in presale at 1299 yuan (180 euros), but has a list price of 1599 yuan (220 euros).

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