Roborock T7 Pro with dual cameras presented in China

The new Roborock T7 Pro has just been launched in China. The robot vacuum cleaner comes with a list price of 3899 yuan (€ 500), but can be purchased now (in China) with a discount of 600 yuan and a final price of 3299 yuan (€ 420).

Roborock T7 Pro with dual cameras presented in China

Compared to the Roborock T7, the T7 Pro updates the binocular obstacle detection system with artificial intelligence. It is in fact equipped with two cameras with which you can also view the video in real time through the app.

In terms of software, the Roborock T7 Pro is equipped with a new algorithm system called RR Mason 7.0. We have a "real time data management" algorithm responsible for managing and distributing the environmental data collected by the sensors. Then there is the algorithm of "perception and mapping" which is used for the grouping of data and their analysis and finally the algorithm of "navigation and movement" which performs dynamic navigation and planning based on the results of the analysis.

With the support of these algorithms, when the robot encounters obstacles, the algorithm will activate the "anti-vibration" mechanism to ensure that the position on the map remains correct. At the same time, when some objects are moved around the house, the robot will dynamically update the map to continue cleaning, so that it does not crash or there are errors in the scan.

The Roborock T7 Pro then adopts a 5 megapixel dual camera capable of obtaining more precise information on objects. In particular, if he displays pet feces, he will be able to avoid them and thus avoid disaster. Of course, as mentioned above, one of the two cameras can be used to monitor the situation at home remotely.

In terms of performance, the T7 Pro uses the same brushless fan as the T7 with the suction power of the fan can reach 2500 Pa in "Max" mode. We then have an integrated 5200 mAh high-density lithium battery for a battery life of approximately 2,5 hours, which corresponds to approximately 250 square meters of domestic surface.

Finally, the robot adopts a design for sweeping and rinsing at the same time, with a 297ml water tank.


Roborock Xiaomi xiaowa E202 robot vacuum cleaner 2 warranty years Europe

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