Xiaomi thinks of a proprietary smartwatch with Snapdragon 2500 Wear

One mistake we often make is to think that the Xiaomi sub-brands are Xiaomi: there is nothing more wrong in reality, as we can see with our own eyes that the new products launched by these are almost exclusively advertised by themselves and the brand of the fourth smartphone manufacturer in the world is practically absent, both on the product itself and on the box. For this reason we must not exclude that the macrogroup can produce (as it actually does with smartphones) accessories already present in the micro-company catalog. As it happens, he is thinking of a smartwatch that would equip a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 Wear. But will it be true?

Xiaomi thinks of a proprietary smartwatch with Snapdrago 2500 Wear

This hypothesis comes, as a rule, from the bloggers of Weibo that in these last hours are speculating on the possible release in October of this elusive owner smartwatch. In particular, the most popular bloggers say that the brand's first smart watch will be equipped with a fairly inexpensive chip and the price will not be, in the most absolute way, high. In fact according to them this will be the strength of the new product. We said "first smart watch"Because we do not consider the Mi Band as a smartwatch, as they do not have the main features that distinguish them, or at least not all of them: we can therefore put them in the Smartbands category.

xiaomi smartwatch

Let's start with the features you bet this smartwatch has: everything will be moved by a processor Snapdragon 2500 Wear, mid-range chipsets released last year

. This SoC is not particularly powerful nor excessively expensive, in fact, and this will allow the brand to contain costs, much more than it did before: in fact, Chinese bloggers bet that the final price will be lower than the 1299 yuan, which means less than 160 € at the current exchange rate. If we consider the band belonging to the SD 2500 we could hypothesize that it will be around around the 999 yuan and therefore around the 120 €. It is then rumored that the name could be Smartwatch Color.

Since this is only rumors, we do not recommend taking these news as a given: everything could change or not be true, but for now we want to believe it and hope it is. As for the other specifications you will not miss the NFC for payments, the presence of pre-optimized algorithms, a service of GPS location with low energy consumption and obviously a LTE 4G modem fifth generation, which will allow the watch to connect to the smartphone to answer or make calls. And just about connectivity, this processor will integrate the 4.1 bluetooth and not 5.0 as expected: but on the other hand if the price is low as they say, there is no other expectation. Support allvoice assistant, 5 megapixel camera e small size (we talk about a square display like the GTS) will be present on the Xiaomi smartwatch.

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