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TENGOO HZ-23 Self-heating jacket with 23 heated areas for €26 priority shipping included

In a world where technology increasingly merges with everyday life, the Tengoo HZ-23 self-heating jacket represents an excellent example of innovation and comfort. This jacket not only offers a stylish and versatile design, but also incorporates cutting-edge technologies to ensure maximum warmth and comfort in all weather conditions. Heated jacket with 23 heating areas, USB electric heating winter sports thermal jacket.


  1. Advanced Heating Technology: The Tengoo HZ-23 is equipped with 23 highly efficient heating elements, strategically placed around the areas of the body that tend to cool down most quickly. These elements are powered by a rechargeable battery, ensuring uniform heating for several hours.
  2. Customizable Temperature Control: Users can adjust the temperature through an intuitive interface on the jacket arm. This allows you to choose between various heat levels, thus ensuring personalized comfort depending on the weather conditions and the activity carried out.
  3. High Quality Materials: The jacket is made with water and wind resistant materials, while maintaining considerable breathability. This ensures that the user remains dry and warm, without sacrificing comfort.
  4. Versatile and Modern Design: The Tengoo HZ-23 is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing. Its modern design makes it suitable for different occasions, from everyday life to outdoor adventures.
  5. Safety and Durability: With integrated safety systems, the jacket prevents overheating and potential risks. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can resist wear and tear.

Versatile applications

Ideal for trekking lovers, mountaineers, or simply for those who want a warm and comfortable solution for winter days, the Tengoo The HZ-23 adapts to a wide range of environments and situations. It's also a popular choice among those who work in cold environments or who need durable, reliable clothing.


In conclusion, the Tengoo HZ-23 self-heating jacket represents a perfect fusion of technology and fashion. Offering warmth, comfort, and style, it is an ideal choice for those seeking the latest frontier in technological clothing. Whether facing a cold day in the city or exploring snowy landscapes, the Tengoo HZ-23 is the perfect companion for every adventure.


TENGOO HZ-23 Self-Heating Jacket 23 Areas

26€ 119€
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