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Tesvor M2 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Floor Cleaner at €139 shipped free from Europe

The floor cleaning robot Testor M2 is an innovative solution for home cleaning, combining advanced technology and practical design. This device is designed to offer an effortless, efficient and customizable cleaning experience. Here are the main features of the Tesvor M2: with Mop function, 6000Pa suction, gyroscopic navigation, 600 ml dustbin, 150 minute autonomy, maximum suction area 120 mXNUMX, app/remote control control - White

Testor M2


  1. Intelligent Navigation System: The Tesvor M2 uses an intelligent navigation system that allows it to map your home environment. Thanks to advanced sensors, the robot is able to avoid obstacles and adapt to different room layouts, ensuring complete cleaning coverage.
  2. Powerful Suction: Equipped with a high-power motor, the Tesvor M2 offers excellent suction capacity. This makes it particularly effective at removing dust, pet hair and dirt from a variety of surfaces, including carpets and hard floors.
  3. Intelligent Control and Compatible App: Can be controlled via a mobile application, which allows users to schedule cleaning sessions, monitor the robot's status and even control it remotely. This functionality ensures efficient and customizable cleaning according to the needs of the moment.
  4. Long-lasting autonomy: The Tesvor M2 battery guarantees prolonged autonomy, allowing the robot to clean large spaces without the need for frequent recharging. Furthermore, the robot is able to autonomously return to its charging station when necessary.
  5. Multiple Cleaning Modes: The Tesvor M2 offers several cleaning modes, including automatic cleaning, spot cleaning and edge mode. This allows you to adapt cleaning to the specific needs of each room or area of ​​the house.
  6. Elegant and Compact Design: With an elegant and modern design it easily integrates into any home environment. Its compact shape allows it to clean even under furniture and in narrow spaces.
  7. Ease of Maintenance: The robot is designed to be easy to maintain, with components such as the filter and dust collector easily accessible and replaceable. This ensures a long life of the device and optimal performance over time.
  8. Anti-Tangle Technology: Thanks to its advanced technology it effectively prevents cables and fabrics, such as carpet fringes, from becoming entangled in the brushes, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted cleaning.
  9. Low Noise Level: Despite its powerful suction, the Tesvor M2 operates with a relatively low noise level, making it suitable for use in domestic environments even at night or in the presence of small children.
  10. Customer Support and Warranty: The Tesvor M2 comes with a reliable warranty and responsive customer service, ensuring users service and support for any technical needs or issues.

In conclusion, the robot vacuum cleaner Tesvor M2 presents itself as a technologically advanced and versatile solution for domestic cleaning. Its numerous intelligent features, combined with a practical design and an intuitive user interface, make it a valid ally for keeping your home clean and tidy with minimal effort.


Tesvor M2 Floor Cleaning Robot

139€ 249€
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GeneralBrand: Tesvor
Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model: M2
White color
Small PartsBasic information:
Navigation: Gyroscopic navigation 
Route planning: S-shaped planned route cleaning
max. suction: 6000 Pa
Power: 22 W
Trash container capacity: 600 ml
Water tank capacity: 350 ml
Maximum operating duration: 150 min
Battery: 5200 mAh
Maximum extraction area: 120 mXNUMX
Maximum cleaning area: 80 mXNUMX
Charging time: <6 hours
Ability to overcome obstacles: 1,5 cm
Noise level (balanced mode): 70 dB
Vertical drop sensors: 6
Garbage container filtering efficiency: E11
Hardware and design:
Simultaneous suction and washing: NO
Pressure Wash: YES
Removable main brush: YES
Dynamic speed side brush: YES
Soft rubber padding: YES
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 3,8 kg
Package weight: 5,8 kg
Product dimensions (LxWxH): 33x33x8cm
Package Dimensions (LxWxH): 53,1×35,1×15,2cm 
Package Contents1 x robot vacuum cleaner
1 x Rolling Brush
1 x HEPA filter
1 x water tank
1 x dustbin
1 x side brushes
1 x charging station
1 x power adapter
1 x remote control 
1 x user manual
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