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The new Xiaomi Mi Band at only 13 $

In addition to launching its new top of the range, Xiaomi has introduced itself today into the world of wearable devices, with the Xiaomi Mi Band!


The Mi Band is not a wearable device with the brand new Android Wear platform, but a much simpler device.
We do not find a true display or advanced features, but some simple features, but at the economical price of $ 13, equivalent to about € 9.61!

The main features of the Mi Band are traceability during sports and sleeping, an intelligent alarm clock, 30 standby standby days, IP67 certification to ensure water and dust resistance and the ability to unlock your Xiaomi smartphone approaching it to the bracelet.

I leave you to the Xiaomi Mi Band image gallery:


The device hardware shines everything in a small aluminum body with notification LEDs. The aluminum body can be easily inserted and removed from the rubber bracelet, which will be available in many colors to suit the user's style. Some concepts have even shown a version of leather bracelet!


At the cost of $ 13 this Mi Band will definitely sell. This is not a particularly useful or lacking device, but at such a low price it could be a nice gadget to use.

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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