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Ultenic FS1 Cordless vacuum cleaner with emptying station at €170 shipping from Europe included!

The vacuum cleaner Ultenic FS1 represents a significant innovation in the world of household cleaning appliances. With an elegant design and advanced performance, this model stands out for its ability to offer a complete and efficient solution for keeping home surfaces clean. This article will explore the distinctive features of the Ultenic FS1, highlighting how these translate into tangible benefits for the user: self-emptying station, suction from 30KPa, engine from 450w, 4 speed modes, 5-layer filtering, up to 60 minutes of runtime, removable battery, touchscreen

Ultenic FS1


Innovative and Ergonomic Design

The Ultenic FS1 sports a modern design that not only makes it an aesthetic addition to the home, but is also designed with an eye towards ergonomics. Lightweight and easy to handle, it allows for effortless cleaning, even during prolonged sessions, thanks to its comfortable handle and optimized balance that reduces fatigue during use.

Advanced Suction Technology

At the heart of the Ultenic FS1 is powerful suction technology that ensures the effective elimination of dust, pet hair, and debris on a wide range of surfaces, from hard surfaces to rugs and carpets. This vacuum cleaner is equipped with different levels of suction power, which can be easily adapted according to the type of surface to be cleaned, thus ensuring deep cleaning without damaging the most delicate floors.

Autonomy and Energy Efficiency

One of the most appreciated aspects of the Ultenic FS1 is its exceptional autonomy. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, this vacuum cleaner is able to offer extended cleaning sessions without the need for frequent charging, making it ideal even for large homes. Furthermore, the energy efficiency of the appliance ensures a reduced environmental impact, combining high-level performance with low energy consumption.

Intuitive Features and Accessories

The Ultenic FS1 is equipped with a number of intuitive features that simplify its use, such as the LED indicator for battery status and the automatic cleaning mode that adapts the suction to the type of surface. Furthermore, it comes with a range of accessories, including specialized brushes and nozzles, making it extremely versatile and capable of tackling all types of dirt and surfaces.

High Quality Filtration System

This model includes an advanced filtration system that captures up to 99,9% of dust particles and allergens, making the air in your home cleaner and healthier. The filter is easily removable and washable, thus ensuring simple maintenance and maintaining the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner over time.


THEUltenic FS1 it is more than just a vacuum cleaner; is a cutting-edge cleaning solution that combines design, technology, and functionality to deliver a superior cleaning experience. Whether tackling daily cleaning or removing the most stubborn dirt, the Ultenic FS1 proves to be an indispensable tool for keeping the home clean and welcoming, satisfying the needs of the most demanding consumers.


Ultenic FS1 cordless vacuum cleaner with self-emptying station

170€ 299€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)

Ultenic FS1 cordless vacuum cleaner with self-emptying station

186€ 299€
🇪🇺Fast Shipping from Europe Included (No Customs)
GeneralBrand: Ultenic
Type: Cordless vacuum cleaner
Model: FS1
Color: Dark blue
Small PartsPower: ‎450W
Voltage: 28 V
Noise Level: 78dB
Suction: Max 30 KPa
Battery capacity: 2500 mAh
Autonomy: Max 60 minutes
Dust bag: 3L
Weight and sizeProduct weight: 7 kg
Package weight: 7 kg
Package dimensions (L x W x H): 67*30*36 cm
Package Contents1 x wireless vacuum cleaner
1 x automatic emptying station
2 x Extra Dust Bags
1 x Brush Cleaning Tool 1
x combination tool
1 x Crevice Tool
1 x Extra HEPA
1 x user manual
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