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Ultenic T10 Elite Floor Cleaning Robot with emptying station at €260 shipping included from Europe

The floor cleaning robot Ultenic T10 Elite is a cutting-edge device designed to offer efficient and automated cleaning of floors. Here are some of its main features: robot vacuum cleaner with dust collection station, 2 in 1 vacuum cleaning, 2200 Pa suction, LiDAR navigation, 3 liter dust bag, Carpet Boost function, 3200 mAh battery, up to 150 minutes autonomy, APP/voice control

Ultenic T10 Elite


  1. Intelligent Navigation Technology: The T10 Elite uses advanced navigation technology that allows it to map your home environment precisely. This ensures that the robot covers every corner of the house, avoiding obstacles and furniture.
  2. Versatile Cleaning System: This robot doesn't just sweep and vacuum; It also features a washing function. Thanks to its dual action cleaning system, it can easily switch from vacuuming to washing, ensuring thorough cleaning of different types of surfaces.
  3. Smart Control: The T10 Elite can be controlled via a mobile app, which allows users to schedule cleaning, set virtual barriers, and monitor cleaning progress in real time.
  4. Long-lasting battery: Equipped with a high-capacity battery, the T10 Elite is capable of running for a long time before needing to return to the charging dock, making it ideal for large homes.
  5. Advanced Filtration System: The robot is equipped with a filtration system that captures fine dust and allergens, improving indoor air quality. This is especially useful for families with pets or allergy sufferers.
  6. Elegant and Ergonomic Design: With its modern and elegant design, the T10 Elite integrates perfectly into home furnishings. It's also designed to move easily under furniture and in tight spaces.
  7. Self-Emptying Capability: One of the most notable features of the T10 Elite is its self-emptying ability. After each cleaning cycle, the robot returns to the base, where it automatically dumps the collected dirt, reducing the frequency with which users have to manually empty the container.

In conclusion, the floor cleaning robot Ultenic T10 Elite represents a technologically advanced solution for home cleaning, combining intelligent functionality, versatility and a user-friendly design for an effortless and highly effective cleaning experience.


Ultenic T10 Elite Floor Cleaning Robot

260€ 499€
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GeneralBrand: Ultenic
Type: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Model: T10 Elite
Color: Black
Small PartsRobot parameters:
Rated power: 35W
Rated operating voltage: 14,4V
Suction power: 
Carpet Booster: Carpet Booster (increases one gear based on the current gear, the maximum gear is not added); 
Fixed point cleaning: 2200Pa; 
Silent running: 600 ± 10%; 
Standard gear: 1000 ± 10%; 
Powerful gear: 2200 ±10%.
Battery life: hard floor: 150 minutes in silent mode; 120 minutes in standard mode; 70 minutes in strong mode
Single water tank endurance time: first gear: 60min, second gear: 45min, third gear: 35min
Charging time: ≤ 5 hours
Operation noise: Powerful gear: ≤68dB, Standard gear: ≤61dB, Quiet gear: ≤59dB
Walking speed: 0,26 m/s
Obstacle clearing height: ≤17m
Climb angle: ≤12°
Integrated electronically controlled dust container and water tank: 210ml dust container, 210ml water container
Fully charged cleaning area: Silent mode: ≤160 m2; Standard mode: ≤140 m2; Powerful mode: ≤80 m2
Carpet Boost: Supported
Carpet to avoid wet cleaning: Not supported (only APP supports setting the reserved area for cleaning)
Resume cleaning from where you left off: Supported
Full Powder Request: Support
APP: Support
Voice Control: Supported
Operating Environment: Temperature: 0 -40℃, Humidity: 75/%
Main Motor Type: Brushless Fan
Engine speed: first gear: 9500 rpm±10%; second gear: 12000 rpm±10%; third gear: 16000 rpm±10%
Rated power: 32W
Battery capacity: 3200 mAh
Rated voltage: 14,4V
Charging voltage: battery charging limit voltage 16,6 V
Battery life: 500 cycles
LiDAR sensor: 1
Laser head cover anti-jam sensor: 1
Ground detection sensor: 3
Mechanical anti-collision sensors: 2
Charging infrared receiving sensor: 4
Odometer: 2
Fan speed sensor: 1
Gyroscope: 1
Dust container presence sensor: 1
Mop cloth detection sensor: 1

Dust collection station Parameters:
Rated power: 925W
Rated input: 220V-240V
Rated Output: DC 19V 1A
Suction power: 26 KPa±10%
Dust collection operating time: 15 s±0,5 s
Operating noise: <80 dB
Fan: AC fan AC220V/900W/26KPa/CDS-US19-A022
Power cable: cable length 1,5 m.
Dust bag: 3 litres
Weight and sizePackage weight: 5,8 kg
Robot dimensions: 325*325*95 mm
Base station size: 213*166*335mm
Package size (L x W x H): 390*341*405mm
Package Contents1 x Robot Vacuum Cleaner
1 x Dust Collection Station
1 x Power cable
2 x HEPA Filter (one piece is installed in the dust box of the main unit)
1 x Side Brush
1 x Cleaning Brush
2 x Washable Mop
1 x Mop Pad
2 x Dust Bags
1 x remote control
1 x user manual
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