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Vivo presents its first 6nm imaging chip: the Vivo V3

Living, one of the world's leading smartphone manufacturers, unveiled its first self-developed 6nm imaging chip: the Live V3.

Vivo presents its first 6nm imaging chip: the Vivo V3

The V3 chip was announced at a video event held by Vivo this morning, where the company showcased its latest innovations in photography and video. The V3 chip is based on a production process at 6 nm, that increases energy efficiency by 30% compared to V2 chip at 7nm. In addition, the V3 chip adopts a multi-concurrent ISP (Image Signal Processor) architecture and the second generation of FIT (Foveated Image Transport), an interconnected system that optimizes the data transmission between the chip and the SoC (System on Chip) of the phone.

Thanks to these technologies, the V3 chip is capable of reduce image processing time by 20%, improving the fluidity and quality of shooting. The V3 chip also supports the cinematic portrait video recording in 4K, a function that allows you to apply professional effects to the faces and background of your subjects. In addition, the V3 chip enables the Android platform to perform post-editing of 4K video for the first time, giving users more creative possibilities.

In addition to hardware improvement, Vivo has also optimized the algorithm level, introducing a system of more advanced algorithms for portraits and night scenes. This system uses artificial intelligence to analyze the facial and environmental characteristics of subjects, and apply the optimal parameters for each scene. In this way, the V3 chip can ensure higher color fidelity, better exposure and noise reduction in photos and videos.

Vivo has not yet revealed which will be the first smartphone to feature the V3 chip, but it is assumed to be the X100 series, which is expected to be launched later this year. The X100 series is expected to be Vivo's new flagship, which will focus on users' photo and video experience.


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