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Xiaomi forgets the limits. With UltraSpace, 256GB of memory becomes 264GB and 512GB becomes 528GB

Xiaomi recently presented a technology that could change the way we perceive and use the storage space in our devices. Named UltraSpace Storage Expansion, this innovation is destined to open the doors to a new dimension of memory optimization and usability, especially in Xiaomi models 14.

UltraSpace by Xiaomi: what it is

In the past, Xiaomi has received less flattering feedback regarding the MIUI user interface often described as “bloated”. But the company has taken these criticisms to heart, embarking on a path of continuous improvement. Since the days of Razor Project, which aimed to allow the uninstallation of non-essential system apps and minimize system firmware, Xiaomi has maintained its focus on reducing unnecessary system "baggage", allowing users to make the most of the available space.

UltraSpace technology goes beyond simple memory expansion. Integrated on HyperOS, offers an unprecedented level of memory optimization, allowing you to access additional usable storage space beyond the rated capacity. A treasure for those who love to store photos, videos and apps without having to deal with lack of space.

xiaomi 14 ultraspace technology

How it works

UltraSpace by Xiaomi strategically addresses the Over Provision (OP) area, generally reserved for internal storage management. Thanks to the ingenuity of Xiaomi's engineers and collaboration with memory suppliers, the OP was reduced from 6.9% to a more efficient 3%., without sacrificing device performance or memory longevity.

The synergy between the host file system and UFS is crucial to ensure the best storage experience. Xiaomi's intervention in UFS resource management, aimed at reducing unnecessary writing and data migration, is a fundamental piece to guarantee better wear-leveling and an optimal WAF (Write Amplification Factor).

The result

With UltraSpace, owners of the 14GB Xiaomi 256 Pro they gain an additional 8GB of space, while those with the Xiaomi 14 and 14 Pro 512GB models they enjoy an extra 16GB. Despite the close collaboration with memory manufacturers, not all models will be able to benefit from this innovation, but Xiaomi is working to extend this functionality to a greater number of devices.

It is worth mentioning that the company has already forwarded the USP proposal to the JEDEC International Semiconductor Standards Association organization, underlining its dedication in make this advanced technology a standard of the industry.

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