Xiaomi Coclean H2 is the most powerful and functional portable vacuum cleaner!

Being a lover of the Xiaomi ecosystem vacuum cleaners, and having tried and used different ones, I was looking for something compact and portable for use "on the fly" and cleaning surfaces such as sofa, drawers, table (crumbs and the like), etc. . After evaluating several models I decided for the Xiaomi Coclean H2 and I must confirm that the choice was certainly spot on! But let's see it together.

COCLEAN H2 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 16800Pa Powerful Suction 120W
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76€ 120€


Here, the only partially negative note is right here in the package and now I'll explain why. In the box you will find the body of the vacuum cleaner, the USB type C charging cable and the cleaning head for sofas. The remaining accessories (because the H2 version differs from the others precisely because it comes with a higher number of accessories) will be delivered in a plastic bag which of course, given the journey, could suffer a few too many blows. In my case, the brushes of the additional head are slightly bent. Nothing irreparable, but if the packaging had been designed to contain everything it would certainly have been better.

In any case, the complete package contains:

  • Coclean aspirator
  • USB Type C power cable (you can recharge it with your smartphone charger, better if 5V x 2A or a power bank)
  • Cleaning head for sofas, beds, "soft" surfaces
  • Instruction Book (Chinese-English)
  • Extension tube to reach more complicated areas
  • Cleaning head with brushes
  • Rigid elongated suction tube
  • Rigid additional cleaning head

As you can guess, the set of accessories is really complete and you won't need anything else to manage all the points in your home, and not only that, that you want to clean. You can reach very narrow points with the long and flat head, your pc keyboard or the glove compartment of the machine with the one equipped with brushes, narrow spaces with the extension tube and the small rigid head that practically reproduces that of the aspirator. In short, every place has its own accessory.


You will really have to do poco before starting to use your new vacuum cleaner as it will arrive already assembled. The only precaution is to recharge it, as we said before with a food that has a 5V and 2A output. If you have less powerful chargers no problem, if you have more powerful ones I would avoid it, even if the theoretical line should not cause damage (here is a list of chargers from Amazon: https://amzn.to/35fiZi1). Above the power keys there are 3 LEDs which indicate 33% charge each. When the device is fully charged, they will all remain on, while the one indicating the missing charge will flash. Recall that the batteries are 3 for a total of 2000mAh which is equivalent to a use of about 25 minutes in standard mode and 15 minutes at maximum power.


Really very simple, our xiaomi coclean H2 is equipped with only one key, so it's impossible to go wrong. There are two suction modes, standard and maximum power. Below I explain how to enable them:

  • To turn it on: press and hold the button for 2 seconds
  • To turn it off: press and hold the button for 2 seconds
  • To switch from one mode to another (standard-maximum and vice versa): press the key once

From the tests carried out, the classic dirt is also sucked up in standard mode. If, on the other hand, you need to vacuum something more consistent or fluff "entangled" in the fabrics, it is better to use the powerfull mode (maximum). The suction power is very high, 16.800 Pa 120W which is equivalent and sometimes even exceeds those of the classic cordless floor vacuum cleaners. So you won't have any problem vacuuming up all the dirt you're dealing with!

The accessories listed above are truly complete and will allow you to clean any type of surface on which you have to work: from the sofa to the table, from the PC keyboard to the most remote corner of your kitchen. Also perfect for a thorough cleaning of your car, thanks to the various accessories you will reach all those parts that are normally inaccessible such as the compartments for the coins, the gearbox, the spaces between the seats not to mention the pedals, the seats themselves and much more. Coclean H2 will be an essential device for cleaning your home and beyond.

As for the noise, it stands at 74db, certainly not a silent product but on the other hand you cannot have a full barrel and a drunk wife .. the power is really great and a bit of noise is certainly tolerated. The product weighs 560 Gr and is held very well in the hand, I would say perfectly balanced. Its dimensions are 37x7x7cm and it rests perfectly on flat surfaces, thanks to the 2 bases you see in the photo, despite being a sort of cylinder!


Now we come to the slightly more annoying part, cleaning our vacuum cleaner. But don't worry, the operation will be extremely simple: using a convenient button, the container of the collected dust will open and can be discharged into the bin.

To clean the HEPA filter, however, the dust container must be disassembled by simply unscrewing it, and then also unscrewing the support that contains the filter. It is not possible to wash it with water, otherwise the pre-filter (blue) and the dust container itself can be washed. My advice is to clean everything with a rag and if possible with compressed air.

As you have seen, the power, versatility and ease of use of this device are truly excellent. So for us it is absolutely promoted, recommended and considered the best purchase you can make if you need a portable vacuum cleaner.

Su GOOD BANG, which we thank for sending the sample, you can find it on offer at a really advantageous price and with priority shipping that will protect you from annoying customs taxes.

✨COCLEAN H2 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 16800Pa Powerful Suction 120W
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📌 Buy https://xiaomi.today/3mLUsew
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✨COCLEAN FV2 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner 16800Pa Powerful Suction 120W
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9.2 Total score
One word: excellent

Definitely the best handheld vacuum cleaner ever tried

Suction power
Accessories park
Ease of cleaning
Ease of use
Value for money
  • Suction power
  • Many accessories supplied
  • Quite quiet
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Ease of use
  • Aesthetically very beautiful
  • Accessories pack shipped separately and subject to possible travel "blows"
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