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Xiaomi has launched an essential, discreet, powerful hob but also with smart functions

Have you ever dreamed of a hob that combines sophisticated design with advanced technology? Xiaomi turns this dream into reality with its cookpit: the hob Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2. This product will be launched at the end of December in China and is presented as the direct descendant of S1 model which debuted last April on the Asian continent. here are all the features.

Xiaomi presents the Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 hob: a leap into the future of cooking

Xiaomi recently unveiled its new gas hob, the Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2. This model stands out for its discreet and refined design, with two burners positioned on an elegant opaque tempered glass panel. The panel material is the same one used for induction electric hobs but this product, obviously, is not induction.

The Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 from Xiaomi adopts a brick structure in the mouths of the fire, improving thermal conductivity and reducing cooking time. This feature is especially important in a busy kitchen, where every minute counts. Furthermore, the device includes a anti-wind disc, which protects the flames from any drafts in the kitchen, ensuring uniform and uninterrupted cooking.

One of the most innovative features of this hob is its double flame system, which allows you to heat the pans evenly and regulate the temperature up to 230 ° C. With a power of 5200w, the Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 is perfect for oriental cuisine and for those looking for high performance in the kitchen.

Among the intelligent features, the timer doppio, programmable from 1 minute to 3 hours, which automatically cuts off the gas supply when the time expires. This function is ideal for preventing food from burning when you are distracted by other commitments. Think about if you're cooking a dessert and sautéing something at the same time: you know that sautéing takes 5 minutes and you can time the process.

The design of the Xiaomi hob is not only beautiful to look at, but it is also practical: its construction includes a triple protection against oil stains and a shape that facilitates cleaning. Furthermore, being integrated with the platform Mi Home, increases the functions and security measures available to the user.

Price and availability

The Mijia Smart Gas Stove S2 will be available on the Chinese market from December 24, 2023 at a price of 1199 yuan, approximately 125 € converted. The global availability of the product is still uncertain.


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