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Xiaomi presents its "Chromecast" PaiPai with 5G and 60Hz WiFi

Among the various products that Xiaomi presents daily on the crowdfunding platform Youpin there are some of undoubted usefulness but still curious. Despite this, the brand, thanks to the numerous satellite companies that orbit around it, can count on really interesting products that are proposed as alternatives to the more expensive ones already on the market. Today we are talking about a device that acts in a similar way to the most famous "chromecast"of Google. In particular Pai Pai, this is its name, has an identical shape to the Big G e almost identical functions. Let's see the details.

A gadget that works like a Chromecast: this is the latest Xiaomi product presented in crowdfunding with 5G WiFi

A clarification before starting to describe the product: 5G WiFi does not mean 5G. In short the 5G is the new standard of connection for smartphones, heir to 4G, which allows higher speed and lower latency while the WiFi 5G it is nothing more than a WiFi that can use two frequency bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The latter orfre multiple non-overlapping channels and is ideal in overcrowded places such as offices or perhaps premises (now that we have to rely on smart working It is ideal). Having said that let's go see the Xiaomi product Chromecast-like which takes its name Pai Pai.

Xiaomi presents its personal "Chromecast" PaiPai with 5G WiFi

The shape, as you can see, is identical to that of a Google Chromecast and also the functions are all in all similar. As mentioned it has two frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for an efficient connection and few delays. Clearly the device is compatible with all devices with HDMI peripherals such as computers, TVs, monitors and projectors. The basic function is simple: to transmit the images or videos shown from point A to point B. Very important feature of this Xiaomi proprietary device is the ability to transmit with a frequency of 60Hz. But not only.

Xiaomi presents its personal "Chromecast" PaiPai with 5G WiFi

Can count on one Full HD resolution and rely on connecting multiple devices at the same time. Basically if we need to broadcast images or videos on a PC monitor and on a Smart TV at the same time, we won't have a problem with PaiPai. It is currently on sale in China for 299 yuan, equivalent to 35 € approx.

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