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Xiaomi Mi 12 will have the fastest RAM memory ever

Xiaomi Mi 12 it will be the next flagship of Lei Jun's company and we have been talking about it for months. Luckily the device will not debut before 2022 This is good. Considering the chip crisis, which nevertheless seems to be resolving slowly, and the amount of devices that come out every year, a bit of a break is good for us. In any case, new information has emerged on the Mi 12, in particular referring to the RAM memory that will integrate. These are rumors, even if they come from reliable Chinese sources. Let's see the details.

We have confirmation that Xiaomi Mi 12 will be equipped with a JEDEC memory of the LPDDR5X type with speeds up to 8533 Mbps. Lightning in hand!

According to information shared by Ice Universe, Xiaomi Mi 12 will be equipped with a LPDDR5X type JEDEC RAM. This is a new generation RAM presented just yesterday by JEDEC. So, before seeing the news regarding the Xiaomi smartphone, let's see what this RAM is capable of. The company today announced the release of JESD209-5B which includes both a upgrade to the LPDDR5 standard focused on improving performance, power and flexibility, both a new LPDDR5X standard.

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LPDDR5X is designed for significantly increase memory speed and efficiency for a variety of uses, including mobile devices, such as 5G smartphones and artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Key updates to this latest version of LPDDR5 include:

  • speed increase up to 8533 Mbps compared to 6400 Mbps in the previous version
  • integrity improvements signal with TX / RX equalization
  • reliability improvements through the new Adaptive Refresh Management function

That said, the Xiaomi Mi 12 will be equipped with JEDEC's LPDDR5X RAM. At the same time, the device will be equipped with a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 (which we knew as Snapdragon 895). It is worth noting that in addition to upgrading the memory support, the powers will also increase significantly. Earlier reports said the SoC will adopt a 1 + 3 + 2 + 2 four cluster architecture with a frequency of 3.09 GHz and with the X2 super core. Also in photographic terms the Mi 12 will be a bomb thanks to a sensor from ben 192 megapixell.

It is understood that all the information leaked so far relating to the smartphone they are not to be considered official. The company's executives have not confirmed anything and until proven otherwise it is just leaks.

Source | JEDEC

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