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Apparently Xiaomi Mi Band 9 is ready to debut. Here's what we know

The echo of the rumors regarding the Xiaomi Mi Band 9 is growing, especially after the recent certificazione of two devices linked to the brand. Although the official announcement is still shrouded in mystery, we can try to predict the features and innovations it could introduce, referring to the success of its predecessor, the Mi Band 8. It is worth mentioning that the lineup also features the model Mi Band 8 Pro that we reviewed.

Expectations and alleged specifications of Xiaomi Mi Band 9

The appearance of catalog numbers M2345B1 e M2346B1 in the regulatory body SRRC is attracting great interest. These devices, believed to be the Xiaomi Mi Band 9 and its NFC variant, signal the imminent arrival of a new era for fitness and wearable technology enthusiasts.

While we don't have any concrete information about the Mi Band 9 yet, we can do some hypothesis building on the performance and features of the Mi Band 8. The latter offered a wide range of sports modes, advanced wellness monitoring and a sleek design, setting a major benchmark for its successor.

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It can therefore reasonably be expected that the Mi Band 9 will preserve the key features that made the previous model popular, such as the SpO2 monitoringand frequency heart, the sonno, and the integration of specific sports modes for a wide range of activities. These features were a decisive factor in the success of the Mi Band 8, and Xiaomi is expected to continue improving them.

Design-wise, the Mi Band 8 impressed with its AMOLED high resolution and a battery that guarantees extended autonomy. For the Mi Band 9, we expect further refinement of the design and perhaps the introduction of new customization options, making the device even more attractive to a broad audience. In particular, a larger viewing area (not a larger display, let's be clear) is loudly requested by users).

Another area of ​​possible innovation concerns the user interface and user experience. Given the introduction of the chipset Apollo 4 Blue Lite in the Mi Band 8, which has significantly improved fluidity and energy efficiency, it is reasonable to expect that the Mi Band 9 will take a step forward, incorporating the latest generation of technologies to guarantee even better performance.

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