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Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 may never cross the borders of China

It is now known that in the hottest days of August, Xiaomi has scheduled an event in which it will present lots of news. Among the most anticipated products we find for example the Mi Pad 5 but also the new MIUI 13 even if the absolute protagonist and expected for almost two years and beyond is the Mi Mix 4.

Yet despite the hype is skyrocketing on a global scale, the latest rumors suggest that Mi Mix 4 will not debut in the global market, but will instead be the only Chinese market to benefit from the technological jewel according to Xiaomi.

we mix 4

In addition to this, to increase the dose is a price suggestion that should rise well beyond what was of Mi Mix 3 5G, in fact it is rumored at a price list of 5999 yuan, equal to about 780 euros at the current exchange rate, a price that in part is supported by the incorporation of latest generation technologies such as a new 200 MP photographic sensor.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 may never cross the borders of China

It therefore seems that Mi Mix 4 is destined to follow the path of Mi Mix Fold, the foldable of Lei Jun's company that has never officially reached our latitudes and that perhaps never will. Will it really be like this? Personally I think that Xiaomi, however brave, is not so stupid as not to bring to the rest of the world a smartphone that many users have been focusing on since before we started talking about it.

we mix 4

On the other hand, Xiaomi Mi Mix of the first generation was the smartphone that effectively sanctioned the globalization of the brand, making it known in the rest of the world. It is true that some models do not reach us, for example the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, but we always talk about variants, while Mi Mix 4 is a unique smartphone, while it is more plausible that Xiaomi initially points to the Chinese market in consideration of a more price. high compared to the rest of its top of the range, in order to study the actual response from users and only then propose Mi Mix 4 to the whole world.

Of course, all this is just a rumor, at the moment neither confirmed nor denied by the company, so if there are any developments we will not be long in updating you on the matter.


Emanuele Iafulla
Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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