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Xiaomi Mi3 in India, out in 2min. Disappointment among consumers!

When a company like Xiaomi officially proposes its products on foreign markets, it is a pleasure to see that the consumer response is positive. The sale of yesterday in India, however, was breathtaking!

The start was set for 14.00 local time (10.30 in Italy), the number of Xiaomi Mi3s unspecified. The previous saw Xiaomi run out of stock in 38 minutes and 50 seconds, the two minutes used are therefore a record! According to sources very close to Flipkart, however, the batch of devices available for purchase would have been only 10000 (10) units… disappointing numbers considering the fact that registered users were about 100000 (100).

What happened today was something unexpected for Xiaomi and, given the info emerged in the post-launch, absolutely negative. After just 60 seconds the Flipkart webpage gave the Mi3 as already out of stock, thus making the buyers really disappointed and bitter. As stressed by Deepak Singh of GadgetsToUse, "the Xiaomi Mi3 is undoubtedly one of the best smartphones available for less than 15000 rupees, smartphones that we can we can not buy in India!".

Xiaomi MI3 Flipkart

We do not know for sure if to put on the market only 10000 units is an ad hoc choice to increase the hype on Indian consumers even more, if it were not, we would like to recommend to Xiaomi a better logistics organization. Especially now that it is becoming a transnational company!


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Simone Rodriguez
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