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Xiaomi MiBand, stolen photos and confirmation of the 12 euro price?

In recent weeks we have seen images of the infamous Xiaomi smart bracelet emerge over and over again. For the first time appeared in a photo published by Jun himself, the Xiaomi MiBand (at least so assume we can call) it should have been sold for a price around the 199 Yuan (about 24 euro), in fact, because according to the latest information price could be further lower!

If the rumors of recent days were confirmed, Jun's company could present to the market, besides the very next-generation Mi-phone, another device, allowing it to be seen in some very trendy web images.

Yesterday, an Asian user has posted an interesting message on the web with some pictures. The message (now removed ...) read "Xiaomi, here's the confirmation on the smart bracelet". From the pictures we can notice that the design of this smartband remembers that of the bracelet raised by Lei Jun; the size would be very small, the silicone strap and the screen with rounded ends. A form that remembers, however, incredibly that of the Huawei smartband!

Xiaomi MiBand
Xiaomi MiBand
Huawei smartband

The alleged price should not be the one previously leaked: no longer 199 but 99 Yuan (approximately EUR 12).



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Simone Rodriguez
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