Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot presented: ultra smart kitchen robot with 8 ″ screen

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This afternoon the new Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot was officially released. The Mijia-branded food processor will be sold in China at a presale price of 5999 yuan (870 euros), while its list price will be 6999 yuan (1000 euros).

Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot presented: ultra smart kitchen robot with 8 ″ screen

According to official data, Mijia food processor supports multifunctional smart cooking, mastering eight "cooking skills", namely stir-fry, stew, steam, knead noodles, grind meat, squeeze, mince and wash, and can also prepare complementary food for children. It can also make whipped cream, crushed ice, smoothie, low temperature cooking, fermented pasta and much more.

The Xiaomi Mijia Cooking Robot has a built-in high-speed reluctance motor with a wide speed range ranging from 40 to 12000 rpm. It supports forward and reverse rotation, blade cutting, stirring and even manages to simulate hand stirring of soup at 40 rpm.

For the rest, the appliance adopts IH three-dimensional heating, and the heating temperature can reach 180 degrees centigrade. The main vessel adopts a three-layer stainless steel composite structure.

Moreover, thanks to the new Cooking IoT algorithm self-developed by Xiaomi, the robot can intelligently calculate the cooking temperature, the mixing speed and the cooking time of each dish and over 200 chef-guided recipes are integrated, so as to being able to prepare many dishes by yourself at home.

It is worth noting that by combining the main pot, steamer and basket accessories, it is possible to prepare 3 dishes and 1 soup in one pot, which is very convenient.

In other respects, Mijia's food processor features an 8-inch touch screen, supports one-button pre-cleaning, adopts a two-way handle design, and has a nominal volume of 2,2 liters.

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