Xiaomi Mijia Humidifier 2 and Mijia Clip Pusher launched in China

About two years ago, Chinese tech giant Xiaomi launched its first smartphone under the name of Mijia Humidifier. The product was priced at 99 yuan, about 14 euros, and as a main feature it had a large capacity of 4 liters and a very long humidification time that could reach 36 hours, eliminating the problem of frequent water additions.

Xiaomi Mijia Humidifier 2 and Mijia Clip Pusher launched in China

Well, today, the new Mijia Humidifier 2 has been launched with the price still remaining 99 yuan (14 euros), but there are five important updates:

  1. The volume of the steam produced is increased from 280 ml / h to 300 ml / h
  2. While the first generation had a lid opening to add water, with the second generation there is no need to lift the lid.
  3. The first generation humidification direction is single, while in the second generation there is a 360 degree rotation to distribute the steam more evenly.
  4. It goes from 99% antibacterial power with silver ions to 99,9% antibacterial power (always with silver ions).
  5. Added an easy to see clear water indicator.

Going into detail, the Mijia Humidifier 2 has an atomization sheet with an integrated ceramic core, which cooperates with the deflector to block large water particles. The ceramic core atomizes water into micron water particles and nebulizes with a steam volume of 300ml per hour, always hydrating the skin.

We also have a large capacity of 4 liters so that we can humidify the house continuously for 36 hours. Of course you can also add water before it runs out.

Regarding the problem of bacterial proliferation in the water tank for a long time, the silver ion antibacterial material is used inside the tank to ensure the health of the water and then release clean water vapor without any risk. for health.

In addition to the new Mijia Humidifier 2, the Chinese brand has also launched a very useful product for when binding documents. Usually a stapler is the most commonly used product, but it is a binding with defects, it causes damage to the surface of the paper and it is then impossible to rearrange the sheets.

To solve this problem, Xiaomi has today released a very interesting gadget, the Mijia Kaka Shuang Clip Pusher. The product will go in crowdfunding on the official Xiaomi store at the special price of 24,9 yuan (3,5 euros), while its retail price will be 29 yuan (4 euros).

The Xiaomi Mijia Kaka Shuang Clip Pusher features 168 reusable binding clips, which can be fastened easily and quickly with a single push.

The product adopts a non-porous binding design, which is firm and does not damage the paper. The whole thing can be easily adjusted at any time and the sheets can be added or deleted freely, so you can also go wrong without panicking.

The clips adopt duckbill structure and high elastic steel, with strong clamping force, the paper stays firmly and you don't need to worry about the sheets falling out without us noticing. In total, one clip can hold up to 40 sheets of 4g / m70 A2 paper with a thickness of approximately 3,3mm.

As for the main body, this has a double spring structure with automatic locking or continuous locking for improved binding efficiency. The clipper can hold up to 6 clips. The brand claims that the innovative design of the automatic locking structure and gives a very satisfying decompression feeling, making tying not only work but also fun.

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