Xiaomi presents the Jesis J1 Mouse with integrated impression sensor

Last night we had left on the our Facebook page with the photo related to new product, the 155 ° to be exact, presented today by the Xiaomi company on its own crowdfunding platform. The teaser's clues were clear enough about the nature of the product, and in fact today we talk about it Xiaomi Mouse Jesis J1 with integrated fingerprint sensor, which is offered at the price of 199 yuan, about 26 Euro at the current exchange rate.

Apparently the Jesis J1 Mouse may seem like a common mouse, but in reality what it offers is nothing short of extraordinary. Of sizes equal to 109,5 x 61 x 32,5 mm and a weight 92 grams the mouse adopts a Ergonomic design that follows the natural curvature of the hand giving a feeling of comfort and at the same time of relaxation by reducing the tension that is generated in the use in the workplace or for leisure. The right and left they are integrated into the upper body and millions of clicks are guaranteed for 5, while if the material used in the complex is ABS the wheel is instead made of metal.

The Jesis J1 Mouse is available in three colors, white, black and silver and the optical sensor high sensitivity equal to 1600 DPI (125 Hz) allows theuse on multiple surfaces like the classic desk in MDF or wood, but also fabric like that of sofas or leather, reacting to the minimum input.

The mouse is wired with a cable length of 1,8 meters, is suitable for both right and left handed users, is supported by Windows 8.1 operating systems or higher and adopts the USB connector in gold returning a better yield relative to the input voltage equal to 5V-100mA.


But the real strong point is precisely the integrated fingerprint sensor positioned above the scroll wheel and literally allows you to say goodbye to passwords, as it will be possible to access your user account and / or Microsoft in an ultra-fast way. If you think that within a day we can access about 3 / 5 to our computer and if we consider this operation for 20 years with a use of about 5 seconds to enter the password, with the use of the Jesis J1 Mouse you can save about 300000 seconds.

Mouse Jesis J1

The security that leads to fingerprint identification technology is often underestimated, but the features offered by the new Xiaomi mouse are truly unique. it will be possible to encrypt the data on our PC in order to have more privacy. Furthermore it will be possible to associate your own fingerprint also for access to social accounts, shopping, home banking via internet browser (Internet Explore, Edge and Chrome supported) up to 100 site types. The recognition of the prints is certified according to Microsoft standards and quick, in fact it will be enough to place your finger to acquire the imprint and unlock the related data combination.

Finally it is possible set up customized system configurations up to 10 and through the Security Center interface it is possible to manage the various settings and functionalities related to the combined digital impression. What to say this mouse could be really useful and make you re-evaluate your recently purchased notebook without the fingerprint technology.

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