Xiaoxun Children Phone Watch Official A7: Smartwatch for children with 9 positioning systems

The Xiaoxun brand that is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem has just launched a new entry-level smartwatch for children, the Xiaoxun Children Phone Watch A7. The product has a presale price of 169 yuan (22 euros) in China, while the retail price will be 199 yuan (about 25 euros).

Xiaoxun Children Phone Watch Official A7: Smartwatch for children with 9 positioning systems

Xiaoxun Children Phone Watch A7

The Xiaoxun Children Phone Watch A7 features a 1,44-inch color touch screen, an ultra-thin overall thickness of 11,9mm, and a food-grade silicone strap.

A SIM card that supports China Mobile Unicom 2G network can be inserted inside the Xiaoxun children's smartwatch. It also uses an LDS laser engraved antenna and noise reduction technology to ensure high-definition two-way call quality, so even in a noisy playground, for example, you can clearly hear the interlocutor.

Xiaoxun Ch ildren Phone Watch A7

Parents can enable lesson mode on the smartwatch via the dedicated smartphone app. After the mode is activated, the smartwatch can only show the time to make sure that the child can go to class without any distraction. It also supports features such as real-time monitoring, call whitelisting, secure positioning, and one-key SOS.

We then have an integrated 460 mAh battery that thanks to an exclusive low-consumption algorithm produced by Xiaoxun, the integrated power management chip for energy saving with AI manages to bring the smartwatch to up to 7 days of prolonged standby, 60 hours of battery life and 8 hours of continuous talk time.

Finally, the Xiaoxun Children Phone Watch A7 supports nine positioning technologies, including Beidou, GPS, Base Station, WIFI, EPO, gravity induction, HotStill, internal positioning, AI positioning and internal positioning technology. It also supports indoor placement of over 4000 large shopping malls, high-speed train stations, airports, etc. So that we can find the children in an emergency.


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