MIUI 11 or Mi Mix 4? The 24 September maybe we will have one of the two [UPDATE]

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Weibo has been in ferment for a couple of days. All bloggers interested in the world of smartphones and in particular those of Xiaomi they only repeat this date: September 24th. There are two reasons and you can understand them from the title, but it is undecided about which of the two is the most quoted: the September 24 will be the turn for announcement of MIUI 11 or Mi Mix 4? As for the proprietary interface of Xiaomi, we know that for the September 5th one is planned conference to which two lucky winners of entry tickets were invited; for the smartphone instead, we have already said Thu as a famous blogger (but also Wang Teng leaked it) he suggested that the presentation is scheduled for September.

MIUI 11 or Mi Mix 4? The 24 September maybe we'll have one of the two

It is said that in the beginning Xiaomi planned to release the almost-born Mix series mid-September, but the official release date has been moved to the end of September for various reasons. Some analysts believe that the move of the brand is that of avoid a crash with Huawei, which officially announced the release of the top models Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro in Munich, Germany, the September 19th. A second problem that would have delayed its exit, as we told you some time ago, is the legal problem related to the name (for more information we advise you to read this article).


As mentioned many Chinese users and bloggers also speculate on the exit of the new interface Xiaomi e Redmi for the same day. In particular it is said to be expected not in Beijing, but in Shanghai: therefore the news is not only superficial, but there is also the place and this bodes well for us that it is all true. A user even wonders if combined with his announcement there is also that of Android Q, or the tenth release of the operating system that moves the smartphone of the brand.

miui 11

To add to all this, however, there is also a XDA thread through which we see how Xiaomi has started to move on the second point, or the new device. In fact, it seems that the brand's developers have found it 4 code names corresponding to 4 devices that would support the 108 megapixel camera which is assumed to be on the device. These names Tucana, Draco, Umi and Cmi were found within the most recent version of the app Gallery but the team is keen to point out that they have not found any clue that refers to the cameraphone in question and therefore they feel they can exclude that the launch is near. In short, we do not want to declare the false but it seems that the September 24th is the most quoted date for the announcement of one of the two, more easily than the MIUI 11: we just have to wait and hope. What do you say? Which of the two will appear first?


It would seem that too Xiaomishka the most quoted Russian leaker on devices Xiaomi have data. Based on his past predictions we can almost say with certainty that the launch of the 24 September is certain. From his words it would have emerged that precisely on that date the Chinese brand is planning a conference for the launch of more products than just the Mi Mix 4 (supposedly I 9S).



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